Introducing STARV3 by StarSeeds Protocol

STARV3 Token Deployment

StarSeeds Protocol has deployed STARV3, an ERC20 token with a hardcoded 0.22% fee on transfer.

Half of the transfer fee is burned, and the other half is transferred to the StarSeeds Protocol's DAO Treasury Multisig Safe.

STARV3 Token Contract: 0xA571963278014B5B3A686778747fDf8ad4dFBb94

STARV3 Arbitrage LP Routers -

STARV3 tokens are deployed by the StarSeeds Protocol throughout a growing network of liquidity pools. These pools are designed to drive artificial trading volume through arbitrage opportunities created by the divergence of liquidity pool values due to naturally occurring shifts in the value of every crypto token that STARV3 is paired with.

Benefits for LP Providers and STARV3 Token Holders

Automated arbitrage routing grants LP providers benefit from higher than standard LP Trading Fees. Simultaneously, STARV3 token holders gain from the reduced supply of STARV3, which, combined with an increased supply from StarSeeds Protocol's autocompounding liquidity pools, creates an upward value trend for STARV3.This trend is directly proportional to the TVL and trading volume of STARV3's Liquidity Pool Network.

STARV3 Liquidity Pools

StarSeeds Protocol utilizes several types of liquidity pools to maximize value appreciation and trading volume for STARV3.

STARV3 Arbitrage LPs typically utilize between 0.4-4% LP fee and use a variety of LP technologies, including Balancers Weighted Pools, Uniswap’s V2/V3 LPs, and Dodoex’s V2.5 LP.

Arbitrage LPs are designed to be used with special token types that have unique properties, such as a Beefy.Finance’s autocompounding vault token for a on chain managed V3 liquidity strategy WMATIC/ETH wide range.

Another example is xtetuBAL-BALWETH, which is a autocompounding vault token for tetuBAL/80BAL-20WETH BPT tokens, with tetuBAL being liquid staked veBAL (Balancer’s Governance and Revenue Beneficiary) tokens with added revenues from voting incentives.

Tokens such as these typically benefit from higher than standard growth & volatility, making them ideal for STARV3 Arbitrage LPs.

Volume Routers are designed to drive trading volume into pools with higher fees. Ideal tokens for Routing LPs include tokens with deep cross-chain liquidity such as USDT/USDC/ETH/MATIC.

Volatile Routers: Designed to maximize swap fees by pairing with tokens that shift widely in value in both directions. Fees are typically higher than standard, from 0.4% and up.

Exotic Routers: Designed to fill routings gaps for outstanding exotic tokens with significant volume and limited pairs. Since STARV3 is paired with so many different tokens, swap aggregators like Balancer and Kyber often direct swaps through STARV3 Exotic Routers for tokens with limited liquidity pool pairings.

Vortex Routers: Utilize Balancer's multitoken pool technology to pair 6-8 tokens into a single pool and multiply effectively available liquidity for StarSeeds Protocol tokens.

MATIC Vortex Router:

Concentrated Routers: Utilize Dodoex stablepool technology that enable concentrated liquidity pools that enable 20x-100x capital efficiency on certain token pairings.

Acquisition of STARV3 Tokens

No IPO/ICO/TGE, Airdrop, or any other form of sale of STARV3 tokens has happened or will ever happen. The only way to obtain STARV3 is to buy it from an existing LP. As such the TVL and trade volume of the STARV3 LP Network has a direct and proportionate effect on the exchange rate of STARV3.

Automated Trading and LP Network Building The StarSeeds Protocol strategically trades between STARV3 LPs to generate additional tokens from trading, these tokens are then paired with STARV3 tokens held in the StarSeeds Protocol’s

Treasury to expand the STARV3 LP Network. In addition, StarSeeds Protocol deploys non-STARV3 automated V3 liquidity management and arbitrage trading strategies to generate additional revenues, some of which are used to expand the STARV3 LP Network. Examples include WMATIC-WETH Wide Range Uniswap V3 Strategy.WMATIC-BTC Extra-Wide Range Uniswap V3 Strategy.

Drawdown Mitigation

During periods of ecosystem decline StarSeeds Protocol strategically liquidates low-performing LPs to place buying pressure on STARV3 to mitigate drawdown for token holders.

Security and Safety Standards

StarSeeds Protocol runs on the most secure contracts in the world. Utilizing Gnosis Safe Multisig, Dodoex Tokens, & Uniswap/Balancer LP contracts, which have secured billions of dollars in value for years, have several top-tier audits and represent the highest standard for cryptographic smart contract based security available in the world today.

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