Star Airdrop Hunters #4: Mantle Journey

Mantle Journey: Earths first detailed pre-announced Layer 2 Sponsored Airdrop Campaign.

Mantle launched mainnet a few days ago and with it they dropped the worlds first layer 2 up front detailed airdrop campaign with exact distribution details including exactly how to earn points. Basically each transcaction is worth points, volume and other factors matter little by comparison to number of transcactions.

We’ve come up with a guide to maximize on your returns while building trancactions for the Mantle Journey airdrop campaign.

Symbiosis, Rubic, or Squidswap are probably your best choices to bridge to mantle. Convert your tokens to MNT during the bridging process. Then mint your mjsbt here.

When following this guide make sure to keep at least 3 MNT in your wallet for gas at all times. Try to find a time of day and RPC/Wallet configuration so that each transaction you do costs pennies or less then a cent. 35 cents is the most I’ve paid for one transcaction on Mantle.

Now lets take a stroll on over to Reax, a platform offering synthetic leverage that pays the trader apr on debt rather then charging for it. They also host a swap to earn contest, earn tokens on every trade, deposit, and withdraw.

Suggestion to Trade from MNT to cusd, then to ceth, and then to WMNT. Then deposit 50%MNT/50%USD and then mint cMNT against it. Suggested safe debt borrow limit of 28% with the above specifications. If you manage your debt moderately risk of penalty is mitigated for up to 50-65% leverage depending. If you manage your debt daily even leverage of 75% can be mitigated effectively.

Depending on your leverage level, you may want to leverage twice. Which means taking the synth tokens you minted, trading for more base supply tokens and repeating the process. Minimum 50% leverage rate to make double leverage worth it. At 70% and higher triple leverage has its benefits, and increased risks.

We suggest not making abunch of senseless swaps for points. That form of behavior is likely to get your account marked as Sybil and banned from all mantle network reward campaigns, possibly banned from other network campaigns also.

Make a Gitcoin Passport, increase your unique score, join guilds, mint noox badges and galxe oats to increase your account humanity score and mitigate any chance of becoming sybil marked.

Next lets go to FussionX. The official premier DEX of the mantle network featuring 3x Mantle Journey Airdrop credits and an outrageous 5000% APR (rate at time of writing) on tight range V3 ETH-USDT LP.

Trade slightly less then half your MNT to weth and the other half to usdt. Deposit it. Suggested range of 1-2 arrow clicks wide on both sides. Stake your position after depositing. I personal anticipate 1/4th the listed return at best, and most likely closer to 1/10th to 1/20th. Which still calculates out to 250-500% APR.

Keep in mind our main purpose here is wracking up points for the Mantle Journey Campaign. If you come out over break even on Reax and Fusionx, wonderful.

Keep a close watch on your FusionX positions and withdraw and redeposit back into range when you fall out. If you want to reduce strategy maintaince time then widen the range by 1 to 4 additional clicks on both sides.

After reviewing every platform currently listed on the Mantle Ecosystem….. the above two platforms were the most notably innovative and appear to be most likely to provide the most returns.

Contiously repeat the above to stack three forms of campaign rewards on top of trading, lending, and minting fees.

We recommend against participating in the TGE token sales for reax and FusionX. Downside risk is extremely high. Upside potential very limited in the short term. It is also suggested to sell your farmed tokens the first moment that you can. Minutes matter in frontier trading environments.

If you found this guide helpful please check out the first 3 articles in the Airdrop Hunter series, linked to below.

If you’d like to show your gratitude please consider minting the following Airdrop Hunters #4 NFT, which can be used to increase the yield from Airdrop Hunters Licenses, a set of special items that grant their holders access to a real time airdrop strategy group and an ongoing stream of tradeable tokens with an APR cap of 170%.


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Until next time hunters, i hope you bag the biggest catch of your life in the meantime.

Chief Airdrop Hunter

StarSeeds DAO Advocate

James Nexus

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