StarSeeds Adventures Season One Airdrop Reward Campaign

To kick-start the launch of the STARV3 Automated Trading Network, StarSeeds Protocol is distributing $730K in token incentives to early adopters that earn StarSeeds Adventure Miles.

To start earning Adventure Miles, head to the StarSeeds Guild and reach rank two to obtain your StarSeed SoulBound Unique Identifier NFT. After minting a SSBID, Adventure Miles will start to accumulate for the following activities:

  1. Hold STARV3: 10 Miles per each STARV3 held per week. Swap STARV3 Here.

  2. Add STARV3 Liquidity in Balancer Weighted Pools:

  3. Mint Real Yield NFTs

  4. Stake Real Yield NFTs:

  5. Quests: 50-1000 Miles per individual quest

  6. Vote in the StarSeeds DAO: 1 Mile per Proposal per STAR-GOV (SSG) Token Held.

  7. Share Approved Trading Strategy or Signal: 3,000-300,000 Miles.

  8. Retro-Active Rewards: Users of StarSeeds Protocol ForeRunner Projects ASC, EN, EC & DAO Fund qualify for a bonus Miles airdrop. Fill out this form to qualify.

  9. Subscribe to StarSeeds Mirror account & Mint NFT below: 1000 Points


StarSeeds Adventure Miles are updated once every 7-14 days.

***Adventure Miles Leaderboard coming soon

Wallet Addresses on the Adventure Miles Leaderboard accumulate StarSeeds Protocol tokens every 24 hours until Mid-2025. **

Claim your tokens:

StarSeeds Protocol tokens can be traded on: Balancer, DodoEX & Quickswap.

Learn more in the StarSeeds Protocol Docs and Ecosystem Mirror Article.

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