Welcome to Superform

Superform is now live! Thank you to all the Formies who joined our community and tested our app in Early Access over the last three months.

Alongside this milestone, we want to highlight the power of Superform and give a glimpse into the upcoming features on our roadmap.

Superform Fixes DeFi UX

Superform offers users the most powerful experience to discover, access, and manage yield. It streamlines the process of finding and investing in opportunities across multiple chains and provides the necessary tools to safely navigate the dark forest.

Superform offers protocols the ability to permissionlessly distribute vaults across chains with just a contract address. It reduces the work that might typically be done to support new chains and get users through custom frontends.

Read more about what our app does and how to use it in our original Discover the Superform App:

Superform Improves Vault Composability

Superform mints SuperPositions to the chain from where the user deposited. This allows yield positions on any chain to be fully composable on any other chain. Retain the original vault position if the cross-chain composability SuperPositions offer isn’t of interest.

No bridging of either liquidity or data is needed after the position is obtained, providing cross-chain functionality in a same-chain environment. These SuperPositions are used by protocols to provide unique, previously inaccessible assets as collateral and can be used by yield seekers to earn more and retain control over funds on other chains directly from one chain.

One of the first SuperPosition use cases is borrowing against your SuperPositions using PWN.xyz, a permissionless P2P lending protocol. This integration enables lending and borrowing of cross-chain assets for the first time. Read more about PWN here and dive into our SuperPositions post:

Superform Makes Yield Fun Again

Superform is all about earning that YIELD. Yield used to be fun. ‘member DeFi summer? I ‘member. Superform makes DeFi an accessible and engaging place to earn onchain. The first campaign to #MakeDeFiFunAgain is Superform Safari, our gamified rewards program. Superform Safari is an ongoing campaign to reward our dedicated users in a fun way. Safari rewards stack on top vault yield and don’t require users do anything other deposit and earn on the yield they were already accessing! Read more about Superform Safari:

Upcoming Features

We are constantly listening to feedback in our quest to create the most powerful yield experience. Some of the cool things in the works include:

  • SuperPosition Pools. Say goodbye to spending time and money bridging to and from mainnet. Swap directly into yield positions on L2s for 99% less cost by using SuperPools. Use SuperPositions in DeFi for any use case.
  • Multi-vault Transactions. Deposit and withdraw into multiple vaults regardless of the chain they are on in a single transaction. You won’t even need an AA wallet or smart account to experience these advanced transactions and gas savings. Just use your EOA!
  • Protocol Reward Tracking and Claiming. Users have been accumulating quite a few protocol token rewards and points from protocols listed on Superform. Soon it will be possible to track all of these rewards and claim them through our distribution mechanism.
  • New yield, new chains, and new AMBs. The Superform Protocol will soon support vaults with two-step withdrawals. These types of vaults are commonly used for restaking and RWA protocols like Ethena, Centrifuge, and Maple. The protocol will be deployed on more chains shortly and its modular architecture allows for support of new chain abstraction solutions like [REDACTED].

Get Started

Thank you for being a part of the journey. See you in the wild.

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