Enter Tajigen: Introduction

We are already building. The blockchain shall return. Follow the signal and read on to learn more about the vision & team behind the Citizens of Tajigen.

The revolution will not be televised
The revolution will not be televised

# Prelude

The year is 2025

The world's governments and largest financial institutions pass legislation outlawing cryptocurrencies. A coalition of monopolistic ISPs establish a new internet protocol, requiring the centralisation of all web services. Building on the blockchain is illegal.

The population is microchipped. All monetary transactions occur in fiat. These conditions enable the banks to exert maximum control over our economies and lives.

Any non-compliant persons are targeted for arrest and re-education.

Against this stand the Citizens of Tajigen

The Citizens of Tajigen are an underground network of anonymous netrunners: artists, athletes, hackers, mentalists, scientists and soldiers, who work to fulfill a common goal: to bring back decentralization and free the people trapped in the new world order.

We're already building.. the blockchain shall return
We're already building.. the blockchain shall return

# Manifesto

The future holds incredible potential, but we haven’t won yet.

We are building Citizens of Tajigen for the self aware, the curious, and the non-conformists: the thinkers, builders and changemakers at the forefront of web3 and DeFi.

Our mission is to grow an authentic digital identity brand for people passionate about blockchain technology and the progress it enables.

Representing yourself digitally as a Citizen of Tajigen says much about you and your beliefs. It is a knowing look, a tip of the hat, a secret handshake that says: we're here to build the best future possible.

The Artist, Athlete, Hacker, Scientist and Soldier
The Artist, Athlete, Hacker, Scientist and Soldier

# Team

nao: Published Japanese manga artist. Studied at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology - widely regarded as the #1 Fashion school in the world (alumni includes Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, etc). She has worked as an illustrator and web designer for 15+ years.

Vlad: COO @ a leading European legaltech firm, servicing clients such as Ernst & Young, Baker McKenzie and many others. A seasoned operator who has led complex international projects, often delivering under tight time constraints and with limited resources.

Rob: Former digital community lead @ Shopify, now transitioning into a strategic role at Islands.xyz. Rob is known to many via his Reddit alias - Gallowboob via which he accrued the most karma points of all time and managed & grew communities from scratch. Rob specializes in digital strategy and growth.

Dith: Former funded startup founder. Built companies up to $7-figures in annual revenue and built product for: MasterCard, Samsung, Sony, Visa, among dozens of other Fortune 500 customers. Presently leading partnerships at one of the world's largest fintechs.

wkm: Former senior full-stack developer and technical team leader @ Square. Has written & shipped code for products used by millions of users worldwide. Previously a SaaS indiehacker.

Extended team: creatives & talent who've worked with & for the likes of Disney, Netflix, Cyberpunk2077, Evangelion & many others.

noun • Tajigen (多 次 元, Japanese) Multidimensional
noun • Tajigen (多 次 元, Japanese) Multidimensional

Iconography & Brand

The Tajigen logomark incorporates the Japanese kanji ( 多 次 元 ) in a block representative of the blockchain. The word Tajigen means multidimensional in Japanese. It is as much a call for a decentralised future as it is a celebration of our diversity, and humanity.

Early art samples
Early art samples


All of our art is hand drawn by our founding artist, Nao. Nao has been creating art since childhood and began her career as a web designer, before becoming a published manga artist in Japan.

Today she works full-time as an illustrator, creating the Citizens of Tajigen.

Follow the signal
Follow the signal



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