Tokenbound ENS subdomains

We believe the ethereum blockchain and NFTs hold incredible potential in unlocking & enabling the future of digital identity. Much of what we explore or build looks to help fulfil this potential, and we’re pleased to be releasing tokenbound ENS subdomains today for holders of our genesis collection, the Citizens of Tajigen.

What are ENS domains?

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. ENS's job is to map human-readable names like 'alice. eth' to machine-readable identifiers such as Ethereum addresses, other cryptocurrency addresses, content hashes, and metadata.

TLDR: You can choose a domain name ending with .eth that leads to a wallet of your choice. Alice could choose alice.eth for example. Every domain has to be unique.

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What are ENS subdomains?

The owner of an ENS domain can configure subdomains as desired. This is achieved by creating a subdomain and setting its owner to the desired address - this can be the same as the owner of the parent domain, or any other address.

TLDR: Alice can create an unlimited amount of subdomains like iam.alice.eth or whothefis.alice.eth for her domain alice.eth. She can also allow other people to create subdomains using her parent domain alice.eth.

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What are tokenbound ENS subdomains?

Subdomains can be tied to NFTs which means that they follow the NFT in case that it is being transferred/sold/etc. The same way a token can be “soulbound” to your wallet, it can be “soulbound” to an NFT (= “tokenbound”).

TLDR: Your NFT owns the subdomain. When the NFT is being traded/transferred, the subdomain is being traded/transferred with it due to being tokenbound.

Why are we telling you all this?

Holders of Citizens of Tajigen NFTs can now create tokenbound subdomains using tajigen.eth. Choose your favorite Citizens of Tajigen NFT, think of a name you like and create a tajigen.eth subdomain.

For example: VladTheRuler created a subdomain called vlad.tajigen.eth tokenbound to the Citizens of Tajigen NFT with the token ID 3625. Read on to see how he did it.

How do I create a tokenbound tajigen.eth subdomain?

1// Go to this etherscan link and connect the wallet containing your Citizens of Tajigen NFT.

Make sure you connect the right wallet
Make sure you connect the right wallet

2// Go to claimSubdomain and enter the following values:

  • payableAmount (ether): 0

  • ensId: 0xcf17edf93cdd08868fdf5e63563c00451a1284c53b50492d573669bb0eb1ec61
    This is the ENS ID of tajigen.eth

  • nftId: The token ID of your Citizens of Tajigen NFT which you can find in the details section of your NFT on OpenSea

  • nftContract: 0xb000a4933107033a4e5483a1576eda178f769508
    This is the Citizens of Tajigen contract address

  • label: The subdomain you want to claim. VladTheRuler had to enter vlad to get vlad.tajigen.eth

Entry values will look like this for the above example
Entry values will look like this for the above example

3// Confirm in MetaMask.

That is it. The Citizens of Tajigen subdomain of your choice is now tokenbound to the Citizens of Tajigen NFT of your choice.

⚠️ Note: Uppercase letters in subdomains seem finicky / may break stuff. If you have trouble completing the subdomain registration process, try using all lowecase.

⚠️ Note: Tokenbound subdomains don't provide you with an NFT like ENS domains usually do. We will later be introducing an easy mechanism to check whether whether a Tajigen NFT has already had an ens subdomain tokenbound to it.

How do I set up my tokenbound tajigen.eth subdomain as my primary ENS domain?

1// Go to and connect your wallet (upper left corner).

2// Go to "My Account" (upper right corner).

3// Click on “Primary ENS Name (reverse record)” and select the tokenbound Citizens of Tajigen subdomain, click save and confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

My my, what a fine ENS domain you have there
My my, what a fine ENS domain you have there

That is it. Now your Citizens of Tajigen subdomain leads directly to your wallet.

⚠️ Note: If you trade the Citizens of Tajigen NFT connected to the subdomain, the new holder will have control over the subdomain.

Your Citizen of Tajigen NFT now has a tokenbound tajigen.eth subdomain. Nice.

The Vlad himself, reminding you to DYOR (and to stay hydrated)
The Vlad himself, reminding you to DYOR (and to stay hydrated)

Why should I do any of this?

The process described above can be done in under 1minute. You may want to give it a go for the following reasons:

  • Maybe you found your “forever Citizen of Tajigen” and want to give them a unique “name” / subdomain.

  • Maybe you have a great idea for a subdomain that you want to use to be able to sell your Citizens of Tajigen NFT for a higher price.

  • Maybe you want to show a deeper connection to the Citizens of Tajigen project.

  • Maybe the Citizens of Tajigen team has plans to reward every wallet using a Citizens of Tajigen subdomain.

  • Maybe you’ve thought of an even more exciting reason than these examples here ;)

Credit: big h/t to hodl.pcc.eth who built the tool enabling the claim of these subdomains. Thank you for what you’re doing to drive the space forward.



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