Tajigen Forever: Concept Map

This is our concept map, a living document that outlines our plans for the Citizens of Tajigen. Our vision is to build a brand on the blockchain, enriched with artistic & technical value, and to deliver differentiated experiences & utility to our community.

The Shelter
The Shelter

Building a brand on the blockchain.

Operating Principles

❏ Hyper-focus on GSD (getting shit done). We are an execution-oriented team with an undying bias for action. We build with urgency and conviction. We will set a leading example in the space with the quality & consistency of our delivery.

❏ Do what hasn’t been done before. Web3 will only move forward if teams are brave enough to experiment, to push the boundaries of existing ideas and try new things. We are deeply thoughtful and fearlessly creative. We are the tip of the spear.

❏ We haven’t won yet. Web3 is in an echo chamber where it can feel like success is guaranteed. It isn’t. We’re still incredibly early. We haven’t won yet applies to web3 as much as it is our own ethos. Our work is never done, infact, we’re just getting started.


❏ The Shelter: Being a Citizen of Tajigen provides access to The Shelter, a globally connected underground network. A place where we learn, plan, collaborate, and build, to progress the future of web3 and DeFi.

❏ A story driven experience: The Tajigen story will unfold over time – with our community squarely at the helm. Experiential mechanisms shall give our holders steering power over major story points that influence the overall arc. Together, we follow the signal.

❏ A platform for builders: A community incubator and equity-free grants program shall be launched to back eligible teams & projects being built in The Shelter. Two tracks are being explored: Tajigen related projects and original IP & utility-based projects.

Digital Identity

❏ Partnerships: There are others out there who share our ideas and values, who we’ll selectively partner with in the months & years ahead. We’re particularly interested in non-obvious opportunities: brands & technologies that we see playing a critical role in the web3 ecosystem over the coming 10 years.

❏ Access pass: Via network partners, your Citizen of Tajigen will act as an access pass to a curated list of tools, resources and communities that supplement your digital identity and lifestyle.

REDACTED: Highly experimental ideas that explore what identity means today and what it’ll mean tomorrow. What does the future of identity management look like if we’re avatars? What can our avatar hold on our behalf? How should this evolve over time? We’re exploring a number of product concepts that leverage NFT technology to answer these questions.

Interoperable Ecosystem

❏ Future drops: When the time is right the Citizens of Tajigen ecosystem will be expanded with further drops for our holders. Drops will play a role in fulfilling our brand & storytelling objectives, as well as expanding our reach and accessibility.

❏ Story-driven tech innovation: Our ecosystem will be fused together through technical innovation that ties into our brand & the story of the Citizens of Tajigen. Through this we’ll ship tooling that benefits the wider ecosystem.

Metaverse x Realverse

❏ Tajigen gear: Tajigen gearsmiths create the dopest shit in the metaverse, and that’s not just apparel. Citizens will be able to equip themselves with real world items that enable and amplify the Tajigen lifestyle.

❏ IRL Shelter experience: Experience what it feels like to be part of a globally connected underground network, IRL. Citizens will be able to access exclusive meetups, parties, and other events.

REDACTED: Plenty of metaverses out there, plenty of 3D avatars, not enough big bets on what the future will actually look like and how the ownership of a digital asset can bridge the gap between these multiverses. We’re thinking about this differently.

TLDR: Build a brand on the blockchain. Tell a story. Ship cool shit. Do the unexpected. Make a difference. And do it all with you, the community.

Follow the signal
Follow the signal



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