Welcome to the Summer of $TALENT


  • $TALENT token is coming this Summer.

  • Crypto needs builders and $TALENT is the best way to reward them.

  • 10M $TALENT Summer Airdrop for ecosystem members.

  • $TALENT Community Round is the last chance to join $TALENT at an early stage.

  • Don’t miss out on Summer of $TALENT Giveaways, NFTs and IRL events.

Welcome to the Summer of $TALENT

Summer is a time for new beginnings and bright changes. This year, it also marks the start of something exciting in crypto: the $TALENT token.

Talent Protocol presents the Summer of $TALENT — a series of events and exciting opportunities that will precede the launch of the $TALENT token this Summer, and bring together onchain builders and crypto natives.

From the $TALENT Airdrop to IRL events in Lisbon and Brussels, our Onchain Summer agenda has something for everyone. Read on to see what to expect in the coming weeks with Talent Protocol.

Why crypto needs $TALENT

Talent Protocol unlocks rich and verifiable reputation data and makes true talent more visible.

Bots and bad actors are keeping builders away. Community incentive methods designed to reward builders (such as airdrops and grants) often fail to reach their target audience. As a result, the Web3 world struggles to attract top talent, with farmers capturing the majority of the value created in the Web3.

This is why projects that have recently distributed tokens, such as ZkSync, BUILD, and Layerzero, are relying more and more on reputation-based criteria to fairly reward their community members.

Talent Protocol and the $TALENT token aim to identify real builders by aggregating valuable reputation signals, from information that cannot be easily gamed, helping projects and institutions recognize and reward their most talented builders.

Crypto needs a lot more onchain builders, not just degens. The long-term growth of crypto depends on continuous innovation and value creation, which can only be achieved with new products and use cases. While degens take risks and provide liquidity, we also need a critical mass of onchain builders creating value. But currently there’s 1,000 times less crypto builders than crypto users.

If you believe crypto is not yet achieving its full potential due to a lack of builders, then join the Summer of $TALENT and help make Web3 a lot more appealing for top talent.

Say gm to the $TALENT Summer Airdrop

The $TALENT Summer Airdrop will reward those who have been instrumental as early adopters and active members of projects in the Talent Protocol ecosystem. 10 million $TALENT tokens will be distributed to the most dedicated and reputable members of our community.

The $TALENT Summer Airdrop will have 3 types of criteria to calculate allocation:

  1. Talent Protocol OG members (5 different criteria)

  2. Ecosystem members  (12 different criteria)

  3. $TALENT Community Round participants

Each criteria is independent, meaning that an address can be eligible for multiple and get allocated a sum of tokens accordingly.

A snapshot of addresses was taken on 06-19-2024 14:00 UTC. Explore detailed description of eligibility and airdrop distribution here.

Check your eligibility for $TALENT Summer Airdrop at the Summer of $TALENT website. Airdropped tokens will not have any vesting or lock up periods.

$TALENT Community Round Bonus

We made our best effort to make the $TALENT Summer Airdrop as fair as possible. However, there’s always a chance some great community members may have slipped through the cracks…

Don’t worry, you can still be eligible for the $TALENT Summer Airdrop. Here’s how:

  1. If you received a base $TALENT allocation, you can significantly increase it by participating in the $TALENT Community Round.

  2. If you did not receive any base $TALENT allocation, you can still earn airdrop tokens by participating in the $TALENT Community Round.

In both cases, the $TALENT Community Round bonus increases as more $TALENT is purchased. Explore a detailed breakdown of the Community Round participation bonus on this page.

$TALENT Community Round

Before the $TALENT token is launched, you will have a last chance to join $TALENT at an early stage. Every $TALENT token is a vote for a future where all onchain builders are valued.

Join $TALENT and support the future of crypto.

  • Allocation: 20,000,000 $TALENT tokens (3.3% of the total token supply)

  • Price: $0.065

  • Lockup & Release: 25% unlock on TGE followed by a 3-month linear release

  • Initial Purchase Limits: Minimum $100, maximum $1,000 (USDC)

  • Basis: FCFS

Participants will need to complete KYC to claim their $TALENT tokens. Find more information about the $TALENT Community Round here.

Quests & Collectibles

To create shared memories, and add even more fun to the Summer of $TALENT, we will launch giveaways and celebratory NFTs in collaboration with our partners.

Join our first Summer Of $TALENT Giveaway to share a massive prize pool of 200,000 $TALENT!

Join the /talent channel and click the notification button on warpcast to be the first to know about all the events!

IRL Events

To celebrate the Summer of $TALENT, we invite you to join our in-person events where you can meet like-minded individuals and build together.

From hacker weekends in Lisbon to a builder brunch in Brussels — each event is filled with opportunities for learning, networking, and building. Register below.

Born to Build.

Our mission is to support the next generation of builders.

Putting $TALENT into the hands of people that share the same vision will ensure that Talent Protocol will continue to help crypto succeed.

Despite the bear market, the past year has been groundbreaking for Talent Protocol. Several ecosystem apps have been launched and are using our protocol, and over 450,000 unique Talent Passport holders are already creating valuable reputation data.

We've achieved close collaborations with Base, Coinbase, Celo, Worldcoin, ENS, Safe and many others to make ecosystem apps accessible and easy to use.

Together with you, our talented community, we've proven that real value is created not through speculation, but through genuine actions and mutual support. The BUILD break-out ecosystem app is just one recent example of your generosity and belief in a future where every contribution matters.

And we can confidently say this is just the beginning! Our belief in a bright future for Talent Protocol has never been stronger. Our vision for the ecosystem, detailed in the Talent Protocol Whitepaper, has proven to be both viable and needed, signaling that it's now time to advance to the next stages of our roadmap.

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