Introducing our Vision Map competition!

In our fast-paced DeFi ecosystem, we often find ourselves focusing on short-term goals and roadmaps to navigate our projects. Yet, it's equally vital to take a step back and imagine the bigger picture, the long-term vision that can illuminate the path to our project's true potential.

At Tapio, we deeply value the strength of community collaboration and the collective wisdom that emerges when many minds unite. Understanding these values, we are holding a Vision Map Event, which will include community members designing images that show Tapio’s goals and journey.

What is a Vision Map?

A Vision Map is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates text and images to vividly illustrate future scenarios, current landscapes, or strategic blueprints in a single image. This visual aid simplifies the understanding of our project's objectives.

Unlike a traditional roadmap, a vision map does not have specific steps and objectives, but rather gives an overall sense of the project as well as future goals, such as using Tapio to mint stablecoins with Gravita.

It does not need timelines and dates, and does not need to be represented as a line at all.

It is a map of a landscape, and that landscape is Tapio.

Why a Vision Map Event?

Our "Vision Map Event" is a chance for us to collectively dream and design the future of our project. Here's why this event is so significant:

  1. Community-Centric Approach: We believe that the project's future should be influenced by the very community it serves. We want to give our community the opportunity to contribute to the future course of the project.

  2. Diverse Perspectives: Our community is a mosaic of individuals with unique experiences, ideas, and insights. By pooling our collective creativity, we can unlock new ideas and possibilities that might remain hidden when explored individually.

  3. Ownership: When community members play an active role in shaping the project's future, they foster a stronger sense of ownership and commitment, deepening their connection to our shared objectives.

Therefore, we invite our community to join this Vision Map event, where we encourage you to share your insights and envision the future of Tapio.

Example Vision Map

This example vision map image focuses on the ways tapETH/wtapETH can be used within different platforms. We know that tapETH will be used in many different ways across DeFi, and we designed this example image to show the variety of options that are open to our users.

This is just one example of a Vision Map. Yours can be completely different. Vision Maps might have specific ideas, or general concepts. We want to see what Tapio means to you, and how you see the project.

How to participate in the event?

The example above conveys some areas where tapETH can be adopted in our early plan. Now, it's your turn to unleash your imagination:

Create your vision map image, and add a description explaining what you’ve focused on. You can follow our example style, or create something completely different. This doesn’t have to be super detailed - it can simply be a drawn draft, but with ample text explanations and descriptions.

Reward: We will select three winners from the entries and these people will receive a special Guardian NFT as a reward.


  1. Post your Vision Map image and description on X (Twitter) and use the hashtags #Tapio #VisionMap #LST $tapETH. (If your description is longer, you can put it on Medium or Mirror then paste the link in your tweet)

  2. Submit the link to your X post on our Zealy:

Event Time: From November 14th 2:00 UTC to November 30th 13:00 UTC



Brand assets:

Good luck with your design. We can’t wait to see what you make!

Stay Updated

We want to work with anyone within the LST and LSTfi ecosystem, and we call on anyone invested in the long-term future of Ethereum and liquid staking, in general, to join us on this journey - follow us on Twitter and join the rest of the community on Discord, as well as our Blog.



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