The Tapio Trek: Incentivized Testnet

Today we’re excited to announce the public testnet for Tapio Finance on Ethereum’s Goerli network and is live on!

It will run for 30 days till July 26th 00:00 UTC. Depending on community and partner feedback however, we may extend it and include additional rewards.

As a user, you’ll be able to complete a checklist of tasks, both on-chain and off-chain, and receive rewards, including eligibility for a $TAPIO airdrop once the token and governance goes live on the Mainnet - all within our Zealy community board, accessible at

Read on below for more details.

Security and resilience is our number 1 priority when it comes to building the middle layer for LST liquidity, and a testnet deployment is merely one avenue of ensuring we’re road-tested before going live on Mainnet. As such, Tapio Finance will have the following features completely functional:

  • Mint tapETH: Deposit Goerli ETH, Goerli stETH or Goerli rETH into Tapio Finance’s pools, thereby minting tapETH in the process.

  • Swap: Easily swap between Goerli ETH, Goerli stETH or Goerli rETH with low slippage and excellent exchange rates.

  • Redeem tapETH: Redeem your tapETH for any combination of either Goerli ETH, Goerli stETH or Goerli rETH.

  • Claim Rewards: Claim your tapETH rewards, which consist of staking yield from the underlying LSTs, as well as swap and redemption fees generated by the protocol.

Later on during the testnet, we’ll also most likely integrate into testnet deployment of our launch partners which will allow you to experiment with using tapETH in downstream DeFi applications.

Why and How to Participate?

Because we want to see how the dApp responds to real-world usage, as well as ensuring the fundamental assumptions and functionality works as designed - we need to heavily focus on maximising the number of participants and transactions. We heavily appreciate feedback, whether it be regarding the user interface, the user experience or any visual bugs you may encounter.

As such, we’re incentivizing our Testnet by creating a “checklist” of tasks to be completed by users on our Zealy community that include the following:

On-Chain Tasks (our campaign will check for completion once an hour):

  • Mint tapETH (Try to mint using a combination of assets for best results)

  • Redeem tapETH (Try to redeem multiple assets for best results)

  • Use the swap function (Only need to do this once, but allows you to swap between assets for minting/redemptions)

Off-Chain Tasks:

  • Follow @tapiofinance on Twitter

  • Like @tapiofinance’s Testnet Announcement Tweet

  • Retweet @tapiofinance’s Testnet Announcement Tweet

  • Join the Tapio Finance Discord Server

  • Join the Tapio Finance Telegram Group

Check out our Testnet tutorial and guides here:


Once all tasks have been completed and validated within our Zealy Community Board, you’ll be able to claim the rewards - namely the Tapio OG NFT (done by claiming the NFT quest within Zealy and then sending the NFT to your Polygon wallet), which represents your commitment to Tapio Finance and participation in our testnet - and will be claimable within Zealy as a dedicated quest.

The Tapio OG NFT!
The Tapio OG NFT!

Doing so entitles you the following benefits:

  • Tapio OG Discord Role - Which will ensure benefits and rewards down the line

  • Tapio Finance Swag - We want our users and community members to be able to represent Tapio within the Ethereum and greater DeFi ecosystem and will ensure we have some excellent merch

  • $TAPIO Airdrop Eligibility - $TAPIO of course will be our utility-focused protocol token that will be used for governance, earning of fees generated by Tapio Finance (once we go live with our treasury in the future) and used for incentivisation

  • Future Campaign Benefits - This can include a bonus or booster to our subsequent campaigns, especially our Mainnet campaign, The Tapio Trek, which will have it’s own airdrop component

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Make sure the Ethereum address/wallet you’re using on the Testnet is the same as the one you’ll be using for connecting to Zealy as we have to reconcile whether or not you’ve completed on-chain tasks accordingly.

Also, if you already are a part of our Discord and/or follow our Twitter, these tasks will automatically complete within Zealy once you claim the individual quests, however feel free to request any support from our team should there be any issues.

We’ll be rewarding especially involved and contributing users so be sure to share the campaign and use as much as you like to increase your chances! Rewards TBD.

To learn how to acquire Goerli ETH, Goerli rETH and Goerli stETH, check out this guide we’ve made for you here. The easiest way would to guarantee your chances is to swap some Eth from mainnet using the LayerZero bridge however using multiple facets will work perfectly fine.

If you need assistance with how to use Tapio’s dapp, check these tutorials out:

Stay Updated

We want to work with anyone within the LST and LSTfi ecosystem, and we call on anyone invested in the long-term future of Ethereum and liquid staking, in general, to join us on this journey - follow us on Twitter and join the rest of the community on Discord, as well as our Blog.



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