Tapio's Preparation Phase


We are currently in the Preparation Phase. The team is making changes, building new things, and getting everything for the mainnet launch. We will have a third testnet period later this year, with quests and NFT mints in the lead up to our full mainnet launch.

After Phase 1 and 2

Earlier this year we had two testnet phases which saw thousands of users interacting with the Tapio protocol and tapETH token.

Testnets are for testing.

The valuable information from these testnet phases has pushed us to make key changes to the platform and the token - some of which are outlined below.

Token Redesign & Cross-Chain Functionality

In September we shared how feedback from our testnet pushed us to take another look at the way our tapETH token will function. After taking on board both user and protocol feedback, we decided to create two distinct tokens: a rebasing tapETH token, and a reward bearing wtapETH token. We are developing a cross-chain functionality within wtapETH to ensure that it is easily used across a wide number of additional chains, such as Base, Optimism, Arbitrum and more…

For more information, please see this post: https://mirror.xyz/tapiofinance.eth/8Mbmec0DlsmVosndKzgZFzHUQ3srltJ9-ugniT4fSUg

This redesign of how the token operates necessitates additional work, naturally, and the team have been hard at work to deliver the best possible system, with the easiest user experience.

dApp and Website Redesign

We are also restructuring our dApp, to make them more attractive and easier to use. Changes are based on some of the fantastic feedback we got from our community during the testnet campaign. These changes include removing the need to manually claim your rewards and yes, the widely requested dark mode!

Here’s a sneak peek at a potential dApp design (WIP):

What’s ahead?

Testnet Phase 3

As we build this new dApp and the tapETH/wtapETH tokens that will be used in it, we return again to the need for testing. Therefore we will be starting Phase 3 of our testnet series later this year. We will be presenting the community with our new and improved system, to let you use and play with, so that you can catch any problem areas that we might have missed. We will be utilizing the new Tapio 1.5 contracts, as well as the cross-chain functionality of wtapETH.

Your feedback and contributions in this testing period are highly valuable to the team and we couldn’t do it without you.

Guardian Program

Speaking of community, we will soon be launching a new program, named the Guardian Program, which aims to recognize the key members in our community. They represent us well, lead by example, and foster positive and high-level discussion and thought. Details coming soon!

Tapio Vision Map Event

We will also be launching a Vision Map event, wherein our community can take part in visualizing our collective journey with Tapio, and compete to win prizes. Stay tuned for more details!

Mainnet Campaign

The team are also busy building out our mainnet campaign, which will last for several months, and have multiple seasons and reward drops. We want to create a fantastic experience for our users, and have some really big plans. We are building Tapio to be a leading player in the LST space and want to launch our platform with appropriate festivities.

….psst! Here’s something for you blog readers to think about: we aren’t minting all these NFTs for no reason!

Tapio’s Preparation

“In the heart of ancient Greenhollow, where the whisper of the trees share secrets in languages long since forgotten, Tapio stood, the new guardian of this aged realm. Before him stretched a vast map of lands veiled in shadowy mystery, a culmination of decades of information shared by wanderers and travellers.

The veins of ink on the tapestry wove rumoured and half-forgotten pathways and kingdoms secluded. With eyes that held the depth of ancient roots, Tapio studied the map and imagined the lands beyond his forest. His gaze traced the inked trails and shaded peaks with a mix of fear and wonder. He felt the call of the world in front of him, and the push of his realm behind. Greenhollow’s rhythm had been slowing for many years. Known as the forest of Gleymd Her in the old tongue, she had stood for as long as the land itself.

But now the leaves bloomed later and fell sooner. The birdsong was quieter and all the color of the realm seemed faded, as though seen through a fog that never lifted. Tapio felt his realm was failing, and so the spirits had set a path before him. It was a long way to go, to bring back such a small thing, but he knew that he must go. This was his forest now, and his responsibility. It was his journey to make.” - Codex Jatkuva

Stay Updated

We want to work with anyone within the LST and LSTfi ecosystem, and we call on anyone invested in the long-term future of Ethereum and liquid staking, in general, to join us on this journey - follow us on Twitter and join the rest of the community on Discord, as well as our Blog.

Website: https://tapio.finance

Documentation: https://docs.tapio.finance

A rising tide lifts all boats - JFK

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