Introducing the Tapio Guardians program!

🛡️Join the Tapio Guardians

Recently we shared how Corican moved from being a community member to a full member of our team, thanks to his contributions to the community: helping other users and engaging in discussions.

Every day we are looking for users who contribute and help build our community. The team will approach these people and reward their dedication with an exclusive title, NFT, and more.

Tapio Guardians are people who encourage and engage in real conversation about Tapio, LSTs, and the DeFi space. These are people who understand what Tapio is building towards and see the value in it.

Tapio Guardians serve as the base of the Tapio community. They will enjoy privileged access to an exclusive communication and feedback channel with the Tapio development team. They will also be the first to receive updates about changes in our roadmap and may even have the opportunity for early access to new product features.

🚀 Be among the FIRST 100 Tapio Guardians

Each NFT in our dedicated collection has a unique value - the earlier you contribute, the earlier your mint and hence number.

Tapio Guardians for Oct 2023

The Tapio Guardians for the month are Tiffany Ho#3011, mohammedt75, and chaoszxro. These members will have a special discord role, badge, and NFT dropped to their wallets.

🤝How to become a Tapio Guardian:

1️⃣Verify your LST holder role on in our Discord

2️⃣Contribute through meaningful discussions or create content

3️⃣Participate in future specific events

We'll regularly pick contributors! Join us now!

The Tapio Guardian program is here to recognize and reward your contributions. Get involved, make an impact, and be rewarded for your dedication. Together, we can build a greater community! 💪

The first dedicated event will come soon!👀

Stay Updated

We want to work with anyone within the LST and LSTfi ecosystem, and we call on anyone invested in the long-term future of Ethereum and liquid staking, in general, to join us on this journey - follow us on Twitter and join the rest of the community on Discord, as well as our Blog.



A rising tide lifts all boats - JFK

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