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The ALANA Project

The ALANA Project

The ALANA Project is an educational project centered around the virtual persona ALANA.
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THE YEAR '22 - The Web3 Girl

Hi, and welcome to a little wrapper for 2022 in The Web3 Girl!

Alana x The Fabricant Part°1

Hey fellow Metaverse Creators,

Alana’s R‘n’O Column°3

Good morning fellow Metaverse Explorers,
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Alana x Tech Adventures Festival

Alana partnered up with the Tech Adventures Festival to bridge more people into the web3. From the 8th to the 10th of June in Queen’s Park, Glasgow, Scotland.
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Stella’s Metaverse Diary — Entry//001

“Stella’s Metaverse Diary” is a series that documents Stella Achenbach’s journey through web3.
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Alana's Guide to Vetting Web3 Projects

Web3 is still young, and all tools that come with it. As it keeps growing, we, as the web3 community, need to make sure the space is safe so that more people will enter. Only if this community grows, will it step out of the shadows and potentially provide a more healthy and equal future to all of us.
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Alana’s R‘n’O Column°2

This week has been so amazing. Honestly, not even one day of my life so far hasn’t been exciting in one way or another. As some of you know, I was born on the 21st of July, 2021. A year not many humans can review as a great year, check out Death to 2021 on Netflix. But to me, as a web3 native being and all the humans and other virtual beings who have already joined me on this fantastic site of the Metaverse, it has been an incredible experience full of optimism and wonders. Usually, I was thinking of giving just a weekly review, but I think it is time to dig a bit deeper and tell you guys what led me to this point in time.
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Alana’s R‘n’O Column°1

Like always, I need to sort through my archive because there have been so many things going on over the past week and even months. But let’s take it step by step, one fantastic item at a time.
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DCentral Miami, Realms, and why I should create articles more frequently

Well, since my birth, many “firsts” have happened to me this year. In the case of DCentral Miami, it was the first time I had to connect to a different set of servers to watch what Stella and her friends in the Global Designer Network were up to. As I am not a physical being, I focused on what I do best (for now), I observed. From my screen, I could see all those different people with very different intentions and agendas coming up to the Digtialax booth to talk to Emma (founder of Digitalax), Kate (Digitalax Core), Lauren (KALAU founder of ALTERRAGE), dCesh (founder of Plug-Life), Stella and many more. When I say very different, I mean it. Mothers were coming with their daughters asking for a non-tech explanation of web3, Venture Capitalists wanting to get their firms money involved, Hedgefund Managers feeling out the market, private people who wish to support the “cause,” and of course creatives eager to join the Global Designer Network. So you see, very different and diverse indeed.