Mesoteric Knowledge of Attack Vectors

The idea to use Open Electricity DAO to audit the scientific foundations of electrical energy distribution may seem unnecessary, even naive. The real work is in the challenges of confronting the attack vectors which begin the moment anyone mentions „free energy” in a scientific community.

Attacks on advancements in the New Energy sector may originate through the spectrum of covert human mental disorders with severe malicious and destructive intentions, in other words, deeply rooted fear and ignorance. Since this project may have an impact on the multi-trillion dollar macro-economy, a prerequisite is high assurance security practices both online and offline.

The following are common forms of attacks:

Traps of skeptics, experts and never-ending debate.
False promises of funding.
Distraction through new age and occult activities.
Accusation, hatred and smear campaigns.
Distraction with something “better”.
Excessive wiseacering.
Low games such as: laziness, disregard, bribery and stealing ideas.

Other more detailed psychological factors detrimental to the technological advancement of research and development in the New Energy sector include:

Non-verification of reality beginning with the ignorance of oneself.
Ignorance of the disclosed facts and evidence.
Ignorance of the solutions.
Talk: “Yes, but I think this and this person says it is like this.”
Tolerance of putting things off until tomorrow.

Denial: “This has nothing to do with me, I know this, I don’t care, there is nothing I can do.”
Tolerance of the way things are: “I like my life the way it is.
Total denial: “This is not true, this is a conspiracy theory.”

Lack of ability to be able to “do” anything which has significant consequences. Attachment to sensations.

The layperson stating that without their understanding of the full explanation of the detailed technical workings - it must not be true.

Engineers stating that without understanding the words “free energy” - it must not exist.

Frustration for paying for energy when it could be free.
Frustration that a free energy device is not being offered for free.

Misunderstanding the moral foundations and the new paradigm business models.
Misunderstanding how to differentiate the path of truth, how to find it on the internet.

Physical and mental conditioning.
The self-ignorant, controlling, greedy and oppressive.
Lack of understanding of severe, covert, malicious and destructive psychological disorders.

Lack of discernment in technological literacy, digital literacy, literary language, conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, illusory new age material.

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