February 17th, 2022


As a founder you’re always looking for the thing that's going to kill you next - it’s 2022, we’re coming out of the pandemic - while the world seemed to stop there for a couple of years there was one thing that did not, technology. Specifically, artificial intelligence (AI) - it has continued to learn, get better and improve to the point where the tools and applications are now applicable for day to day adoption.

I’m the founder of two agencies, rehab which creates brand utility products/ services in the web3 space, and ACE Workflow that builds custom workflows for companies using no-code tools like Airtable.

They are both very human capital intensive, and with good reasons to be - both of the companies are very high touch, providing bespoke consulting services. The business model is all about attracting the right talent, putting them in the right environment, with the right problem to solve to make the best work.

January 2nd, 2022

After publishing the last article, I got some amazing messages from people in so many different industries. Now, almost every conversation I have is about web3, and the deeper you go into the rabbit hole the more interesting it becomes.

One of the key pillars for web3 is decentralization, while we're just at the start of this next chapter, some apps start to explore how a decentralized web works.

There are a lot of new concepts to understand when it comes to web3, and one of the best ways that I learn is by doing. So, grab your crypto wallet and explore these apps to get a better understanding of how web3 works.

Important to note this isn't everything in web3, we're not going to talk about the metaverse, avatars, de-fi, etc - check out "web3, is re-writing everything. An introduction" for more information.

November 20th, 2021

Happy Monday 🚀

Anyone who knows me knows that writing is not one of my best skills - but I'm forcing myself to do it because I want to share how fundamentally different I see the world now that I understand the things in this article - so that maybe you’ll see it too.

TLDR : this has completely changed the way I look at the internet / business / the world.

This all started when I went to the NFT NYC Conference a few weeks ago to deep dive into NFT/Blockchain/web3. I came away with the most crystal clear understanding of the future, the need to build a decentralized web, and how there’s so much work to be done to fulfill its vision.