Blergs image compression issues

Here’s what’s going on with the grainy images. 

Been trying to find a solution for this most of the day and was also trying to figure out what was going on yesterday. 

The issue isn’t with Opensea, the issue stems from an export that happened on my laptop when exporting the large images from Figma. We used 2 computers, because the export process was a real beast. All of the images that were exported from my laptop are grainy. All of the ones that were exported from my iMac are crisp. 

This was not caught because we tested and inspected the first 25-30 of them that came out of the export and subsequent compression to catch any issues. The first 100 images are perfect. The next are not.

So, 0-99 and 200-299 are the ones with the issues, save a few here and all of the 1/1s.

Here’s some examples:


The metadata is immutable

There is no way to update the url or the metadata on existing Blergs. The way Thirdweb composed the contract was to store that immutable data on-chain, with no way to push updates and restore or affect the metadata. Some contracts, like Punks and Chain Runners are fully on chain. There’s a lot of cool things about that.

With Blergs, though, that was not what we wanted. It’s very common for creators to notice small bugs and push updates to metadata for generated PFP collections, and I’m kinda shook that it wasn’t part of the contract.

Most of you do not know me professionally, but I am a pixel compression zealot. High resolution images, crisp photography, and alignment are unbelievably important to me. This is driving me crazy.

I’m going to push for a solution that gets these images updated, and am even entertaining some more elaborate burn mechanisms to update the faulty metadata. We will need time to discuss this from a technical level and see if it’s even feasible.

In the meantime, we’ll be setting up a repo of the high resolution images for you to be able to claim to use for pfps, tweets, or whatever you want. Blergs are yours to do with as you please and we’ll also be working on getting you vector assets for them as well in the future.

Right now that repo is not set up, but I’ll share updates when it is.  

- Tomjohn

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