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NFTraits Whitepaper

NFTraits (or just Traits for short) are the building blocks of PFPs. Rather than minting a complete PFP, traits are minted instead and then equipped onto a collection that is built to be compatible with traits.

Traits are bigger than Blergs

Tomjohn | Blergs
February 15
I’ve been talking a lot with the contributors of Blergs and thinking about how best to structure the next phase of the project. TLDR, phase 2 is actually 2 projects that are tied together.

What are non-visual traits?

I work with data. 

Blergs image compression issues

Here’s what’s going on with the grainy images. 
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This is just The Blerginning

gm Blergs.

1 Wallet = 1 Blerg

Tomjohn | Blergs
November 26
If you read my first post, there are some changes ahead.
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What is Blergs?

While I've been drawing the Blergs, I've been thinking a lot about what else that I could potentially offer with them (other than the art, that is).