May 4th, 2022

North America in it’s present is the future for the rest of the world already. In many ways, we’re offering a glimpse into what the future will hold for the rest of the world. But while the world catches up, the cannabis market in the US will continue to evolve.

Not just in terms of product formats, or innovative ways to deliver cannabis and Cannabinoids and terpene profiles, but we are going to figure out and predict how cannabis will fit into this new world.

Now, lets look at five different future trends discussed by Julian Cohen - Canopy Growth, Javier Hasse - Benzinga, El Planteo and Faith Popcorn - Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve.

Go to therapy. Explore cannabis. Find out if it is for you.
Go to therapy. Explore cannabis. Find out if it is for you.

With Juanjo Feijoo - Weedmaps | Javier Hasse - Benzinga, El Planteo | Ronit Pinto - Honeysuckle Media

The impact on cannabis advertising

The legal, regulatory, and business landscapes of the cannabis industry are continuously shifting, which in turn affects what brands can and can't do when it comes to marketing and advertising. The session takes on tough questions:

  • How are brands working around these issues?
  • How are they navigating this today?
April 9th, 2022

Behind the scenes on the DAO life with Flex, Jihad, Kinjal & Cooper.

DAOs are a new way to share value as a community using blockchain technology. DAOs leverage web3 technology and rapidly evolving governance and incentive systems instead of a traditional top-down hierarchical structure.

DAOs aim to disrupt the music industry, real estate, media, product, and more. It’s Q2 2022 - and I’ve got insights for you from thought leaders who are revolutionizing how we work together on the internet.