Open gates and the gardens ahead: Utopia Core public beta is now open for everybody ⛩!

We are excited to announce the launch of Utopia’s first public product, Utopia Core. It launches today in a public beta - which allows any DAO to manage their payroll and payments effortlessly, built right on top of Gnosis SAFE.

DAO’s revolutionize the way work is done, and allow anyone from anywhere in the world to gain ownership in the value they produce. Utopia Core is a commitment to this vision.

Since the founding of Utopia Labs only four months ago, our team has been hard at work building our core product with a collaborative, co-creation software development process.

When we say “building with DAOs” we mean it. We’re grateful to be working with DAO’s that are revolutionizing their respective industries - DAOs like Friends with Benefits, Yield Guild Games, Badger DAO, Illuvium DAO, Fingerprints DAO, Shark DAO, Tracer DAO, Pleasr DAO and more.

Akin to the DAOs we build with, Utopia was built through the hard work of an entire community - a big shoutout to DAO operators, contributors, accountants, ops leads, and the multi-sigs.

But this is just the beginning; the gardens ahead are vast; and we aim to build web 3’s promised Utopia with the amazing communities that inhabit it. We have an ambitious roadmap brewing, a few primitives in store, and we’re growing fast.

Meet Utopia Core - the complete payment + payroll suite for DAO’s that need to scale.

Here’s a breakdown on how we solve your DAO’s largest operational pain points.

1. Payroll is currently done manually - which takes up a ton of time.

We automate payroll to core team contributors - allowing you to create templates ready for bulk execution. Handle bulk payroll transactions, mass labelling, multiple tokens, and vesting, coming soon.

2. Transaction history and accounting is chaotic and dis-organized.

We automate smart contract labelling for accounting - so you can spend less time book-keeping. Every transaction you make with Utopia is complemented with rich metadata, giving you a complete overview of your on-chain treasury transactions.

3. The expense process is painful - both for the contributors submitting, and the DAO's reviewing.

Avoid spending time double checking receipts and invoices - and approve/reject expenses in one click. See how we helped organizations such as Global Coin Research and Fingerprints DAO with their payment requests.

4. Getting all of your payments in one place is annoying and challenging as a DAO.

Instead of checking discord, email, forums and telegram chat messages - just share one custom URL (try ours below) and review, reject and exectute all of your payments in one place.

Join our public beta here 👇

Beyond the Gates - What's Next?

Here’s what’s on our product roadmap - which you can contribute to here:

1. Compliant Payroll

Utopia is a long term partner for all contributor payment management requirements, and we’re shipping the very first “Payroll Compliance Stack” for DAO’s, launching end of March, 2022 with our partners over at Friends with Benefits DAO.

Utopia’s payroll compliance will be the engine that takes care of the end-to-end tax flow so that you can process payroll confidently while paying in your DAO’s native token, or any ERC-20 token. We'll automatically register for payroll ID numbers, withhold the right amount of tax, access the reports employers and employees need to file, and receive alerts whenever information is required.

Interested in compliant payroll for your DAO? Register for the waitlist here:

2. Token Vesting

Tokens are integral to the way that DAOs align their core contributors for the long run.

Utopia aims to streamline the experience of token vesting for DAOs and their contributors alongside our recurring payments functionality - handling everything from the vesting smart contract to a direct integration with our payroll compliance stack.

3. Accounting and Analytics

We’re excited to roll out an automated, real time transaction labeling feature that will help DAO contributors gain greater insight into how their communities are being run.

In the near future we’ll be rolling out analytics pages of both internal and external use cases for DAO leadership and their contributors - documenting both inflows and outflows so DAO’s can optimize for P&L, balance sheet, and token flow reports.

Welcome to Web3’s promised Utopia ⛩

In the coming months we’ll be expanding the very boundaries of what a DAO can do in the areas of contributor compensation, compliance and tax, reporting/analytics, treasury management, and much more..

Utopia Core is just the beginning of what we can build with DAOs, for DAOs.

Our Endless Wall of Love and Shoutouts ❤️

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