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Venture Investing within Web3 - Join us in taking advantage of the best information asymmetry opportunities today.
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De-Dollarization - #BRICS, #Gold, & Crypto #BTC & #ETH

De-dollarization is the talk of the town for the global investors and even local (wealthy) investor friends of mine who are seriously concerned with when the USD Dollar will run away with inflation. It is no longer a question of if it will happen but rather now it is a conversation on when the US dollar will inflate away it’s purchasing power according to experts and leading investors.
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DePin [Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks] + ReFi [Regenerative Finance] & Filecoin = Trifecta 🌐💰💚

Decentralized Physical Infrastructure networks (DePIN) is a rapidly growing sector with a total addressable market for DePIN is estimated to be over $2.2 trillion today and is projected to reach $3.5 trillion by 2028. One of the leaders in the DePin storage space, Filecoin, is also helping to lead a new field called Regenerative Finance (ReFi).
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GMX - The Perp Exchange DeFi's Breakout Product - Top 5 Things to Know

GMX, a decentralized perpetual options platform, empowers global investors with self-custody of their assets, a feature lacking in most centralized exchanges.
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GM Exit Here -> Introduction

This is the introduction to a defi finance test to see if it’s possible to cut out the exchange and providing liquidity (GLP) to global traders.

Ethereum is the Fat Protocol that matters most in Web3

Understanding how to invest in cryptocurrencies usually leads to identifying which types of businesses will have the most profitable operating model that prints revenue from organic demand.

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