What’s in Your (NFT) Wallet?

Paris Hilton Edition

Last night, Paris Hilton appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon — making waves with the announcement of her latest NFT purchase and comparing Bored Apes with Fallon.

The two chatted up NFTs for a few minutes, leading to a viral moment online as well as some serious plugging for celebrity NFT concierge service MoonPay, which I wrote about earlier this month.

The kicker came when Hilton announced she would be gifting NFTs to every member of the audience.

“I think that’s the first NFT giveaway in television history”

- Jimmy Fallon

Hilton is no new face in the NFT realm, joining OpenSea in April 2021 (around the same time as the BAYC minting).

But she was around even earlier.

“I launched my first NFT drop in March 2020, and have been obsessed with NFTs and the never-ending possibilities of this technology ever since”

- Hilton told Bloomberg

She even mentioned in an interview with The Guardian that she had become friends with Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum.

Let’s take a peek inside the wallet of “Queen of NFTs”

NFTs Net Worth (Zapper): $971,542.15

NFTs Net Worth (Dappradar): $842,457.05

The Bored Ape that Hilton revealed on Fallon was BAYC #1294. MoonPay purchased the Ape on 1/22 for 119 ETH (~$287K). Today, the NFT was transferred into Hilton’s wallet.

Rarity Tools lists Hilton’s Ape as the 7166th rarest in the BAYC collection, with a Rarity Score of 74.07.

Hilton has collected over 1.1K NFTs, including an RTFKTstudios Easter Egg called Paris Hilton Drip ✨. The floor price for the Easter Egg Project is currently 235 ETH.

Other NFTs in Hilton’s wallet include an 888 genesis token, CyberKong VX #2445, as well as 900 NFTs from the MILLION TOKEN WEBSITE collection.

To balance out the portfolio, Hilton also has three ENS Domains: parishilton.eth, parishiltonnft.eth, and ⚡🚀parishilton🚀⚡.eth ⚠️.

And like any good NFT influencer, Hilton’s Twitter name displays one of her ENS domains.

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