WIS Open Beta 1.130 Updated

V1.130 is officially launched. In addition to what we've announced, we've added rewards for loot boxes and gems to telegram groups. Please contact our 🤖️bot friend to claim your rewards.

The following links are the content of the previous preview:

The main updates in this version:

  • UMT reward mode is now available.
    • When the used PFP reaches level 30, you can click the WIST reward number on the left side of the homepage to switch between WIST and UMT rewards.
    • When switching to UMT mode, all gameplay rewards UMT.
    • UMT reward efficiency is affected by the Ability attribute.
  • Loot boxes drop in various gameplays.
    • The probability and quality of the drop will be affected by the luck value.
    • Loot boxes of different qualities produce different quantities and levels of gems.
  • PFP gem sockets can now be opened.
    • The sockets are divided into different types and different gems can be placed.
    • The socket type can also be seen when it is not open.
  • Gems can now be upgraded through Gem Minting Events.
    • The upgrade of gems will be 100% successful.
    • Every 5 gems can be upgraded to a higher level gem.
    • Use low-level gems with higher attributes as much as possible to upgrade.
  • Gems can now be traded within the WIS App.
    • You can choose to trade with WIST or UMT.
    • The current trading price cannot be lower than 100.
    • 10% of the tokens of each successful transaction will be burned.
  • The storage space of gems can be increased by holding more PFP.
    • Each PFP will provide 1 to 5 gem storage spaces.
    • Higher quality PFPs provide more gem storage space.
  • Now you can start participating in the Gem Hunter gameplay.
    • Gem Hunter is a casual puzzle game mode.
    • Click on gemstone on the home minimap to enter a random gem hunter level.
    • It is recommended to click the ❓ button to learn how to play before entering.
    • The input of intelligence will also bring different value to the game system.

Some functional optimizations in the version:

  • When the vitality value of PFP is too low, a reminder will appear in the exercise interface.
  • The color of the name of the PFP in the list will be displayed according to different qualities.
  • The official Twitter and Telegram groups can be opened directly from the app sidebar.
  • PFPs and Gems in the marketplace within the WIS App can now be sorted.
  • The profile tab page now refreshes faster.

Some of the event rewards this update brings:

  • In the invitation interface of the profile tab page, you can use the invitation points and activation points to exchange loot boxes.
    • 5 Invitation Points can be exchanged for a loot box.
    • 2 Activation Points can be exchanged for a loot box.
  • The airdrop on the official Telegram group has ended, but we have added new rewards.
    • Use /lootbox to claim a random loot box. (Requires Activation Code)
    • Use /gem to claim a random gem. (Requires Verification Level 3)
    • Contact our bot friends to claim rewards at https://t.me/wisdao
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