July 30th, 2022

"Obsidian Butterfly Find A Last Song In Deep Blue Forest"

「青の森で 黒曜石の蝶は 歌を見つける」

――「第25楽章 神の不確かな音 : Deus Ex Machina」, 『ラーゼフォン』

October 27th, 2021

( English version is here )


『山門三塔坂本惣絵図』(さんもんさんとう さかもと そうえず)は、比叡山延暦寺の境内と坂本地区を描いた古地図です。成立年代は 1767年 [1][2](江戸時代中期)。作者不詳。第1鋪と第2鋪の2つの地図で構成されます [3]。

October 24th, 2021

What is Sanmon-Santō Sakamoto Sōezu?

Sanmon-Santō Sakamoto Sōezu (Japanese: 山門三塔坂本惣絵図) is the two old maps (1st & 2nd volume) that shows the precincts of Enryakuji Temple (Japanese: 延暦寺, Hepburn: Enryakuji) on Mount Hiei (Japanese: 比叡山, Hepburn: Hieizan) and Sakamoto area (Japanese: 坂本, Hepburn: Sakamoto) at the foot of Mount Hiei, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The maps was made in 1767 [1][2] (the middle of the Edo period, Japan). The author is unknown.

The 1st volume

The 1st volume of the maps shows Yokawa area (Hoku-tō area) (Japanese: 横川地区 (北塔地区), The North Pagoda area) in the precincts of Enryakuji Temple on Mount Hiei and Sakamoto area at the foot of Mount Hiei.