Announcing SyncSwap testing campaign
April 9th, 2022

The testnet demo of SyncSwap is now living on the zkSync 2.0 Goeril testnet, and we are excited to announce the SyncSwap Testing Campaign.

*You can learn more about our testnet here, and if this is your first time exploring SyncSwap, it is recommended to read this article first.

The testing campaign has ended on April 12, please follow our Twitter and join our Discord to keep up to date.*


We would like to hold this campaign in order to encourage the testing and feedback of our testnet product.

Since testnet is a period for us to continuously iterate and improve the product, we will be able to deliver a well-optimized product at the first moment when the zkSync 2.0 mainnet launches.

Campaign Details

If you are willing to participate in testing the SyncSwap testnet, please make sure to have joined our Discord community and read our testnet guide.

Community members who finished all 3 testing steps will be granted an honorable Alpha Tester role ✈️ 🪂

🎯 Recommend workflow of testing

  • Claim additional test tokens from our faucet.
  • Trade a few times, with different swap settings and fee tokens 💱
  • Try adding some liquidity with a few pairs.
  • Try removing some liquidity with your positions 🌊
  • Take a screenshot of the successful transaction window.
  • Take a screenshot of your Pools Overview page that shows your liquidity positions 📸

You may test it on different devices, for example, computer and phone.

📈 Share your joy of success

Post a tweet to share the success of your testing, including:

  • The news and link of the SyncSwap testnet and testing campaign, you can reference our mirror article or retweet our announcing tweet 📰
  • An Invitation link to join our Discord community 🔗
  • A short slogan to introduce SyncSwap or your opinion of the potential/idea of SyncSwap.
  • A few tags that are related, for example, #L222 #zkSync #Layer2 #ZKRollup #testnet #Ethereum #DeFi 🏷️
  • Remember to embed a picture of your success or a poster of SyncSwap 🎨

✔️ Submit your work

Submit your work in the #📸participate-testing Discord channel, including:

  • The wallet address that participates in the testing.
  • The link to your tweet that shares the testing.
  • The screenshots you took before.
  • At least 3 transaction hashes: trading, adding liquidity, and removing the liquidity

You may test and submit more than one time when there is an update to our testnet.

Please feel free to try and submit the testing of other features 💜


Optional If you have any ideas, suggestions, or found issues please feedback on our Github Issue Tracker or #💡ideas-and-feedback Discord channel.

Join the Journey

SyncSwap is building a powerhouse among ZK communities. It’s the time to join us and be a builder!

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