Doxxer of the year #2023privacyproof

This is the 4th instalment covering the results of the #2023privacyproof poll. Explore previous selections:

  1. The “Projects” category selection.

  2. News & Events” category.

  3. Innovations”.

The selection of the anti-privacy “Doxxers” has been made by 100+ privacy enthusiasts, developers, researchers, cryptographers, cypherpunks, and community builders from the DarkFi, Nym, Swarm, Logos, HOPR, Railgun_, Circles UBI, Rotki, Puzzle, Espresso Systems & many other organisations.

Doxxer of the year

Any project, person, or organisation that sought to reduce privacy within the space.

Private companies & non-profits: 15
  • OpenAI

  • Google/Apple/Xiaomi push notification services

  • Okta

Contribution example from Fileverse

Leaked people’s chat history. It’s only going to get worse and more widespread (expect that from other AR-LLM providers too). Crypto should be at the forefront of making local LLMs easy to use for people.

Regulator: 13


The majority of the contributions are public & can be found on Twitter: 123456 etc.

  • Read the “Projects” category final longlist, “News & Events”, and “Innovations”.

  • The next article featuring “Doxxers” (anti-privacy longlist) will be published tomorrow.

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