April 9th, 2022

With this text, we want to share our thoughts on the tooling that DAOs need to function decentralized and autonomous. In the second part (coming next week), we will present the results of our research on the DAO tools different projects are currently working on.

The characteristics of DAOs

There are many parallels between DAOs and traditional organizations. They have a mission and provide a product or a service. They need committed people who spend time and effort to develop the product, achieve goals, and help the organization progress over time. DAO working structures can be similar to those in traditional companies. The founders and CEOs make the major decisions, and the employees mainly want to be compensated fairly for their work. DAOs, like companies, need to hire and pay employees (find and reward contributors), develop a roadmap, acquire customers, and raise money.

In summary, DAOs need a mission, a product or service, a roadmap, contributors, rewarding, income/funding, and marketing.

March 27th, 2022

DAOnative is a community-first DAO management framework.

Our beliefs

We believe that creating a DAO should be playful and exploratory. Creating a DAO comes with its fair share of challenges. While deciding to set up governance structures, token allocations, or treasury management are helpful – they're rarely what you need to do when you're just starting. In the initial stages, your goal should be to nurture a relationship between the DAO and the individual.