Bi-Monthly Recap: 5/3/24

Welcome to the Bi-Monthly Recap! In these posts, we quickly break down everything you need to know from the last few weeks at Talus.

Partnership with 0G

We partnered with 0G, a data availability layer and modular AI blockchain, as a storage provider for smart agents. Their 0G Storage solution has the speed and responsiveness that smart agents need. ​​They are capable of storing vast quantities of data, including AI models, with lightning fast retrieval.

Read the announcement here.

Partnership with Ankr

We partnered with Ankr to provide deep Bitcoin liquidity for our smart agents. In order for smart agents to act on our behalf around Web3, they need sufficient liquidity. Ankr’s Bitcoin liquidity and liquid staking protocol will make smart agents significantly more powerful. This partnership is essential to building smart agents that perform atomic swaps: complex transactions that complete multiple interconnected steps simultaneously.

Read the announcement on Mirror.

Partnership with Sign

We partnered with Sign Protocol to create onchain attestations for smart agents. Users will be able to assess smart agent reliability before an action, then confirm that the agent acted properly on their behalf after. The long term vision is a global reputation system for decentralized AI.

Read the announcement on Mirror.

Community Contests

We launched our first two community contests: a Stickers & Emoji Contest for our Discord, and a Meme Contest. Winners get cash prizes, special roles, and more.

Check it out on Zealy.

That’s it for this recap! Stay tuned for new announcements, partnerships, and community updates every day.

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