May 31st, 2022

Feb 20th, 2022 - 0.07 ETH.

The day the entire project started. The original founding team of RXR, KLAWS, Dasher, Odin, Constant, Hema, Bowie, and Bjorn launched this project with their eyes full of grandeur that it would be an instant sell-out. The hype of the project, with the hype of the NFT space, led to some unrealistic expectations.

Still though, the project was far from a failure. They minted out over 2000 Teds and the community was rallying behind them for more. Unfortunately, it was sell-out or bust for the founding team. Communication fell off. The core team members started leaving the server and the project. With nearly 7k unminted it seemed the project was destined to be a mint and done.

Then, out of nowhere, the project saw some new life. Holder’s were promised fresh information in the form of Fury Chewies and a second mint was launched. This was the true downfall.