Sensei Monthly Roundup, July 2023: Lido Operator Candidacy, Stader NOs for ETHx, Events and More!

Hey there. Here’s the sixth overview of the top updates coming from SenseiNode, including new services, product enhancements and team efforts. Stay tuned!

Liquid Staking NOs

  • Lido Node Operator candidacy for the upcoming Ethereum Wave 5 onboarding phase.

    The Lido Node Operator Subgovernance Group has suggested SenseiNode’s candidacy for the upcoming Ethereum onboarding phase. One of the goals for this round is to increase presence of NOs in under-represented geographies.

The goal of onboarding new node operators is to improve the decentralization and resilience of the Lido protocol, as well as to bring on new organizations with strong skill sets and alignment with Lido’s values.

We’re above the 50M LDO quorum in favor! the final step involves an Aragon vote to officially welcome both nodes into the Ethereum node operator set ✊

Final Results:

  • Stader ETHx Mainnet Node Operators.

    We're thrilled to announce our participation as Permissionless Node Operators for Stader, deployed 7 non-permissioned validators for ETHx, live on mainnet since July 10th.

    ETHx is an innovative liquid staking token developed by Stader, designed to revolutionize Ethereum staking, providing users with the unprecedented freedom to move and utilize their staked ETH while continuing to earn rewards and engage with the growing DeFi ecosystem.

Get to know Stader:

New Validators

  • Polkadot First Validator in Latam

    Polkadot extends its network across Latin America as we introduce our latest validator, creating endless opportunities for growth, adoption and collaboration in the region!

Validator Info:

What is Polkadot?

Polkadot is a next-generation blockchain protocol connecting multiple specialized blockchains into one unified network (a sharded blockchain) allowing them to operate seamlessly together at scale, by parallel transaction processing and data exchange, in a secure and trust-free environment, while optimizing each chain for specific use cases avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Obol Network

Our validator in Obol Network is active. We have deployed a DV Solo Cluster distributed in Germany, USA , and Chile!

This resilient setup safeguards against node failures, ensuring continuous block attestation.

  • LaChain Founding Member.

    Ripio presented the first blockchain focused on providing regional solutions, built with major Latin American companies such as Num Finance, Cedalio Tech, Buenbit and SenseiNode.

  • It is a fast and low-cost first-layer (L1) blockchain.

  • Its development is focused on use cases that benefit Latin American individuals and institutions.

  • It will be maintained by a group of companies in the blockchain industry and will have its own native token.

Watch the launch event:

“We’ve built something for Latam” - LaChain Presentation @ Modular by Ripio.

A panel with Ignacio Roizman (SenseiNode) together with Sebastián Serrano (Ripio) and Mariano Di Pietrantonio (NumFinance)


We’ve been around! Here are some memories:

🔘 June 28-29th. Polkadot Decoded in Copenhagen.

🔘 July 6th. Polkadot Decoded 2023 Satellite Event @ Madero Walk x Polkadot Hub.

"How to implement a Polkadot validator" by Efrain Jaimes + Decentralized Storage and Nodes in Latin America with Sensei by Rocio Rodriguez Saa

🔘 8 Julio: CryptoWeek Mad. Ignacio Roizman (COO SenseiNode) with Sura Gaming. The largest Crypto, Trading, Investment, Blockchain and NFTs conference in Madrid.

🔘 July 05-07th -ETH Barcelona. A community-led passion project about the Ethereum blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralization that celebrates the community and its values.

🔘 July 17-20th - ETH CC. The Ethereum Community Conference is the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community.

Founding Team at Paris for ETH CC!
Founding Team at Paris for ETH CC!

Sensei Talks

The renewed comeback of Sensei Talks has done its premiere. We came back with a fresh new vibe and format: Twitter Spaces! 🐦💬

After a killer first season on Youtube, Spotify and Infobae, we're diving headfirst into the web3 universe. Brace yourself for our extensive niche search of cutting-edge insights and ideas from the crypto industry with the most prominent participants in the ecosystem.

Sensei Talks StaderLabs with @GoneMultichain- Jul 13rd

🔗 Listen to the spaces here

Sensei Talks Cardano via Txpipe &

🔗 Listen to the spaces here

📖 Read the roundup [ES]:

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