Experience Autonomy’s Self-Transferring NFTs with MetaDungeon!

This past weekend, we were thrilled to announce our forthcoming NFT-powered game, MetaDungeon, at this year’s Metaverse Summit event in Paris!

World’s first player vs. blockchain and aNFTs

MetaDungeon is the first NFT-powered game that inverts the classic player versus environment (PvE) genre, and introduces a new concept of player versus blockchain (PvB) – where players are able to engage and fight with Web3 objects, such as NFTs and on-chain characters. This project is the first time a decentralized automation protocol for NFTs and blockchain games has been deployed.

The game integrates multiple automation features to achieve autonomous NFTs (aNFTs), and for the first time, on-chain non-playable characters (NPCs). aNFTs are an iteration of NFTs that have the ability to vote, fund, and even transfer themselves thanks to the automation capabilities of the Autonomy protocol. MetaDungeon is also the first blockchain game that requires players to be collaborative and rely on team mechanics, incorporating other NFT projects which players own as an essential part of gameplay.

"The vast majority of characters in Web2 games like Cyberpunk 2077 or World of Warcraft are NPCs that interact with each other or the player independently,” says James Key, Founder and CEO of Autonomy. “Through the development of aNFTs, it is now possible to build these types of engaging characters and blockchains. This represents a watershed moment for blockchain gaming and metaverses to build the types of games that generations of gamers are familiar with, and vastly expand the variety of games that can be built on blockchains."

How to participate in MetaDungeon

The MetaDungeon game consists of Heroes and Bosses, where all Bosses are aNFTs and each player is a Hero NFT. Heroes team up to fight world Bosses (aNFTs) and score loot worth real money. Players interact with 3 sets of NFTs: Heroes, the players in the game; Bosses, who the Heroes fight; and Gear, the unique items that Bosses drop. Players have the opportunity to earn loot from killing each Boss in the form of NFTs and tokens, which a Boss holds. Holding a Player NFT and defeating a boss is all that’s needed to receive loot.

Players will be able to obtain a Hero NFT via the Genesis Drop, which will happen in three phases.

  • Phase one: Sign up for the mintlist form to secure guaranteed access to mint at least one Hero.
  • Phase two: Allowlisted communities (who already hold certain yet-to-be-revealed NFTs) will have a chance to mint an NFT during the Hero NFT genesis event, on a first come first serve basis.
  • Phase three: There may be a Hero NFT public sale down the line during which anyone will be able to get their hands on the remaining collection of Hero NFTs – if there are any left standing.
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