Shroompaper V1


Firstly, nothing in this article constitutes financial or legal advice of any kind, etc, etc. Full disclaimer at the bottom.

Let’s begin.

Whenever there is an influx of new market participants, the vast majority of them often fall for the wrong projects and lose their money.

There are many ways in which these losses happen, but the point is: if we, who should be amongst the top 1% of users (in terms of knowledge), can control what the new entrants see and where they put their liquidity, we might be able to retain those users and their liquidity within our ecosystem, instead of seeing them vanish because of rug pulls, low-quality projects, scams etc.

Shroomiez NFTs are designed to allow holders to vote on what dApps, NFTs and creators should be featured on the Shroomieverse: a platform to educate millions of normies on what the Metaverse (Web3) truly is, how to navigate, where to navigate and why. Shroomiez NFTs are also designed to be liquid-backed, thanks to Beramarket.

The Shroomieverse will also allow anyone with an audience (of any size) to earn money by sharing educational content with them. How? By visiting the Shroomieverse and:

  • Selecting what content to share

  • Generate their personal content link

  • Share it with their audience

  • Get rewarded at the end of each month

660 Gen1 Shroomiez will go live in August on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721’s and 6000 Gen2 Shroomiez will soon follow on Berachain. Shroomiez will be using LayerZero to make sure they can travel the Multiverse (aka be Multichain).

Of the 660 Gen1 Shroomiez, 30 Shroomiez NFTs (5% of the supply) will be allocated to Shroomiez/ETH LP on Caviar. Of the 6000 Gen1 Shroomiez, 63% of the initial mint liquidity will be used to liquid-back the NFT via Beramarket. Gen1 mint funds after initial liquidity has been provided will be used to establish proper legal infrastructure to make sure Shroomiez are covered with both their physical and digital operations, as well as cover our artists and other contributors salaries. Read A Fair Shroomlist to Bridge the Gap to learn more about liquid-backing.

Before we dive deep into anything else, a brief yet important explanation of the art process behind the Shroomiez NFTs.

Shroomiez Art

The Shroomiez traits, from the species to the caps and expressions, have been taken from 36 different species of mushroom, and adapted to what is now the Shroomiez art.

Each Shroomiez also features its own vibrational frequency, visible through the Chaldi (geometric) patterns present on the background of each NFT.

Each Shroomiez also features its own vibrational frequency, visible through the Chaldi (geometric) patterns present on the background of each NFT.

Our talented artist Gigi has hand-drawn each one of the 660 Gen1 Shroomiez, while the 6000 Gen2 Shroomiez will be generative (using Gigi’s hand drawn traits – existing and new ones).

You can read Gigi’s open letter Shroomiez Art to learn more about the process behind it.


We have generated 11 different music tracks using the sound of a Porcini Mushroom (obtained with a synthesizer), with each track associated to a level of Electrical Spiking Activity of the Mushroom (from 0 to 10).

Once a month, the sound of a new species of Mushroom from the Shroomiez collection will be released, allowing anyone to submit a music track generated from it.

The Shroomiez will then vote on which they think is the best track, rewarding the winning producer with a share of Shroomiez/ETH LP tokens and replacing the OG Porcini track with the new species track for all Shroomiez holding that species trait.

Read Hazen’s article SHROOMUZIK, V1 to discover more on the special Mushroom-generated sound and music tracks.

The Opportunity

Every single time the market goes parabolic, mass media and all kinds of influencers start talking about it, causing millions of uneducated normies to flock towards whatever is promoted to them. In 99% of cases, that is rugpulls or low-quality projects.

We want to avoid that, so we came up with a solution: curating what the new-entrants would see and making sure it directs them to the “right” projects.

For this to be achieved, we must align the following parties:

  • The Knowers: they supply their Web3 knowledge to curate the Shroomieverse, using their Shroomiez NFTs to vote on which dApps, NFTs and creators should be featured on it.

  • The Creators: they create Web3-related content of all kinds, and should be incentivised to focus on high quality projects

  • The Educators: anyone who has an audience, whether it is 30 followers or 3 million, should be rewarded when sharing high-quality content about legit projects with it’s audience

  • New users: of course, all of this means nothing without the users. High-quality projects are promoted by those with an audience, directed to on-boarding new users.

Shroomiez introduces the Shroomieverse, a platform to on-board new users to the truly valuable dApps, NFTs, and all-else Web3 related, curated by the true connoisseurs.


For the Shroomiez mission to be achieved, we must truly make sure that the Web3 connoisseurs are the ones who possess the Shroomiez NFTs and therefore curate the Shroomieverse with their hard-earned, deep Web3 knowledge.

The initial team along with its early community has decided to distribute the Shroomiez NFT supply via a standard Mint Gating method, with 3 tiers of whitelists which are hereby called “Shroomlists”.

  • Free Mint Shroomlist (60)

  • Discounted Mint Shroomlist (90)

  • General Mint Shroomlist (510)

In brackets “( )” is the number of Shroomiez allocated to each Gate. Approximately 3300 General Mint Shroomlists should have been distributed, along with 300 Discounted Mints and 60 Free Mints.

For some more information regarding Mint Gates you can refer to A Fair Shroomlist to Bridge the Gap or directly on the discord channel.

Shroomiez NFTs Distribution

The most relevant NFTfi and DeFi projects, along with the most valuable NFT collections, have each received a portion of all types of Shroomlists. Read Thicc Liquidity and an Ample Network as well as Shroomiez NFTnomics for more information.

A Right Click, Save! Campaign was also run by the community to allow new participants to try and win a Free Mint Shroomlist by interacting with major Web3 protocols, as a Shroomiez.

Finally, a proposal to 33 major DeFi and NFT projects will allow 12 of them to each purchase 18 Shroomiez each for a total of 216 Shroomiez (∼33% of Shroomiez supply). It should go live 1 week before the first Mint Gates open.

The Shroomieverse

Imagine a platform which fosters the creation and proliferation of well-made content, covering the best DeFi and NFT projects. As Pope first spoke, “A collective wisdom platform”.

Governed by Shroomiez NFT holders via Snapshot, the Shroomieverse will be truly hosting the highest quality projects and content creators. We plan to build our own dashboard for a smoother Shroomieverse curation experience. Shroomiez holders will also be able to delegate their voting power whenever they feel like it via

The Shroomieverse is a place for;

  • Users to navigate the different aspects of Web3,

  • Creators to find the right projects for their content

  • Anyone to Educate their audiences via their preferred Shroomieverse curated content

All of it curated by the true connoisseurs of Web3 through their Shroomiez NFTs, for which 1 NFT = 1 vote to decide on what dApps are added, removed, or stay on the Shroomieverse.

The incentive for the user is of course learning about what sparks his interest, under whatever premise or desire he seeks.

The incentive for creators and educators must be somewhat financial, for a wide number of reasons we all should be aware of. For this reason, Shroomiez will be allocating Shroomiez/ETH LP token rewards to be distributed between creators and educators. More on this further below.

How it’s going to work (and look)

A breakdown of each section:

“User View”

Users are those who want to learn what are the current best dApps, NFT projects, and who the best content creators to follow (for such interests) are.

As such, they will see the best dApps and NFTs on a simple interface where they can dive deep into each project, view content made by the best content creators and explore related content.

“Creator View”

Creators are those who engage in creating: videos, threads, memes, posts, and anything else which educates people about Web3.

They are interested in seeing what great projects have been chosen by the Shroomiez as well as the respective reward pools for each project. Creators must be whitelisted (“approved”) by the Shroomiez to be able to feature their content on the Shroomieverse.

Any Creator (who is not yet whitelisted) can submit their content together, with a short application form, requesting approval to become a Shroomieverse Creator. Applications should be reviewed weekly by the Shroomiez.

“Educator View”

Educators are persons (or accounts of any type) who want to share something with their audience with the purpose of educating them. They don’t necessarily have to be creators, as they can share the actual content made from multiple creators.

They simply wish to know which amazing projects have been selected by the Shroomiez, along with the creators, whose content they are going to share with their audience through a personal link. At the end of each month, each Educator will receive its fair share of token rewards pro-rata (depending on their clicks % out of the total).

An example of the User View:

smol leak
smol leak

Assessment Criteria

For projects and creators to be featured on the Shroomieverse, they need to be approved by the Shroomiez NFT holders via monthly snapshot votes, where they decide whether a project is added, removed, or stays. The approval process happens by whitelisting the project & NFT collections contract addresses. For creators approval, their main social handles will be whitelisted.

Users will also be able to view the rating of each platform, which is set and reviewed monthly by Shroomiez NFT holders. We do have an idea of the kind of assessment criteria that could be implemented. However, we believe that it needs to be developed with the help of the Shroomiez community, which means post-mint voting will happen to determine the Assessment criteria for projects featured on the Shroomieverse.

A brief suggestion could be as follows:

*[1 to 5] always refers to 1 being negative and 5 being the most positive score.

Each project can be scored using some standard polling assessments of frequent users of each platform, plus a combination of the Shroomiez’ experience with each platform.

DeFi (includes NFTFi)

Security - combination of who audited what and history of past events predominate while slightly weighing them with a brand reputation index, reviewed monthly by Shroomiez for a share of Shroomiez/ETH LP rewards.

How safe is it? Has it ever been breached? Did it cause losses to its users? [1 to 5]

BRI (Brand Reputation Index) [1 to 5]

Will initially be ranked inside a dedicated (and Shroomiez-gated) Discord channel in the Shroomiez server; then will be moved to Shroomieverse website


Unique Holders (growth %)

Floor-to-Value to ratio: from 1 to 5

The Value part of the Floor-to-Value ratio could be determined as an aggregate of the perks which an NFT collection gives to its holders, but again, it shall be up to the Shroomiez to determine which assessment criteria to implement.

Anything else Web3 & Metaverse

Since there are actual Metaverses such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, and more gamified ones like Nifty Island, as well as tools to bring your NFTs to life (on videocam and video production for example) such as those offered by Hologram, could be rated with the following criteria, until there are enough projects in any specific category for it to develop its own assessment criteria.

Time in existence: how long (weeks/months/years) has the project been around for?

Security: has it ever been breached? Did it cause losses for its users? [1 to 5]

The overall objective should be to ensure a true decentralized selection process for projects and NFT collections to be featured on the Shroomieverse. Only by implementing a transparent assessment (and further selection) process of projects and creators can we guarantee a fair and decentralized Shroomieverse.


It should be clear by now that 1 Shroomiez = 1 vote.

The primary (and recurring) type of voting will concern the curation of the Shroomieverse: deciding what dApps & NFT projects should be featured, along with which creators should be able to link and display their content on it.

The mint address wallet will be a 4-of-5 multisig wallet with 3 initial team members and 2 community members. It should quickly mutate into two separate multi-sigs, one holding Shroomiez/ETH LP tokens and the other holding other Shroomiez Treasury assets. The multisigs should aspire to always be at least 4 out of 6 / 5 of 7, but that will be up to the Shroomiez to decide after the mint is completed.

Upon formation of the first subDAO’s (including their respective legal entities), a multi-sig wallet for each subDAO should be formed. Sufficient Decentralization by dydx legal counsel & Variant fund partner Marc Boiron is a helpful guide to understand what direction to take for best practices under the current framework of DAO models.

SubDAO Examples

Development Team: Skilled blockchain developers and smart contract engineers who build and maintain the technical infrastructure of the DAO. They implement governance protocols, develop smart contracts wherever required, and ensure the security of the platform.

Community Managers: Community managers engage with the DAO's community members, facilitate discussions, answer questions, and gather feedback. They play a crucial role in maintaining a positive and inclusive atmosphere within the community.

Creators: Artists, designers, musicians, and other creators contribute to the ecosystem by producing unique and educational pieces of content.

Curators: Curators help discover and promote high-quality projects and NFTs within the community. Collectors are enthusiasts who acquire and trade NFTs, contributing to the overall value and recognition of the Shroomieverse.

Governance: These individuals actively participate in the DAO's decision-making process. They propose and vote on changes, upgrades, and initiatives related to the platform's rules, governance structure, and economic model.

Legal: legal and compliance experts provide guidance to ensure that the DAO operates within legal boundaries.

Tokenomics: These professionals design the economic model of the DAO, including the distribution and utility of Shroomiez/ETH LP tokens, incentives for participation, and mechanisms to maintain stability and sustainability.

More or less groups may be required to fulfill the Shroomiez vision, and that will always be up to Shroomiez NFT holders to decide.


As mentioned before, we should allocate 5% of the Shroomiez NFT supply to provide liquidity on multiple markets for the Shroomiez/ETH LP (liquidity pool). Initially on Ethereum via Caviar, soon enough on Berachain via Beramarket.

The intent should then be to use those Shroomiez/ETH LP tokens as ecosystem incentives, from creator rewards to educator rewards and voter rewards.

However, for the Shroomieverse to truly scale, it will need much more. That is why we should allow anyone to add any project token contract (whether a cryptocurrency or an NFT, on any EVM chain) as long as it has been whitelisted by the Shroomiez themselves.

Rewards composability

Any DeFi, NFT project or individual can ask the Shroomiez to add a specific contract (dapps, nfts..) and wait for the monthly review to seek approval.

If approved, anyone can then add any EVM token to the reward pools for that project.

Web3 Composability

The Shroomieverse should be exclusively focused on the EVM ecosystem to begin with, since it is where most of the on-chain financial value lies right now (outside of Bitcoin, which unfortunately is limited to Bitcoin). That means Ethereum, Arbitrum, LayerZero, Optimism, Base, etc.

We are confident that the Shroomiez will take the right initiatives to gradually expand their horizon to include other chain ecosystems (Bitcoin, Solana, Cosmos, and more).

(Social) App composability

Content from all major platforms (Twitter, Youtube, Lens, etc) should be easily imported into the Shroomieverse, for Educators to share and Users to enjoy.

Incentive Layer

Issa flywheel
Issa flywheel

Shroomiez/ETH LP rewards are allocated by Shroomiez NFT holders via their weighted governance power, initially deciding on how to distribute their votes between Creators and Educators and subsequently deciding how much goes to each project. Reminds you of something?

Anyone can also add their preferred token rewards to whitelisted project reward pools, to further incentivise both creators and educators who should be attracted by larger reward pools.

Voting Rewards

The first layer which must be incentivised is the one of Shroomiez NFT holders. Not to merely participate in the governance, because that would be assumed as a base pre-requirement (or at least to delegate), but to incentivise each holder (and delegate) to vote with the majority. That means, making sure each voter’s decision is the right decision.

Voting rewards are funded by Shroomiez/ETH LP tokens and a periodic pre-allocation should be planned by voters following the relevant subDAO department’s guidance. The rewards would be then distributed pro-rata at the end of each month to voters for all their winning votes.

Creator Rewards

Creator rewards are composed of Shroomiez/ETH LP token rewards as well as of any other token which anyone can add to any whitelisted project’s reward pool.

Shroomiez holders (and delegates) decide how much of the Shroomiez/ETH LP tokens should be distributed to Creators and Educators on a monthly basis, following the quarterly budget set by the finance subDAO and executed by the Shroomiez.

Any project or individual could add any amount of token rewards to any project reward pool, to incentivise both creators and educators to respectively create and share educational content.

Educator Rewards

Creator rewards are also composed of Shroomiez/ETH LP token rewards as well as of any other token which anyone can add to any whitelisted project’s reward pool.

Shroomiez holders (and delegates) decide how much of the Shroomiez/ETH LP tokens should be distributed to Creators and Educators on a monthly basis, following the quarterly budget set by the finance subDAO and executed by the Shroomiez.

Educators will share Shroomieverse content with their audiences with the objective of earning a share of their chosen project’s reward pools. This should mean that a larger reward pool should attract more Educators as well as Creators.

NFT License

This is still under discussion, and requires input from Shroomiez NFT holders. Shroomiez could give IP rights to holders so that they can monetize and scale their IP, or it could retain it within the parent organization. That is to be appropriately evaluated and discussed as soon as the mint is over.

It would definitely be cool to see holders license their Shroomiez for brand opportunities, earning money for them and exposure for the Shroomiez. Reading A Survey of NFT Licenses could be a good start for new-joiners.

Physical Sales

Some early community members already began talks to start selling amazing Shroomiez-shaped wax candles, as well as Shroomiez physical figures (collectibles and unlimited).

The opportunities in the physical space are truly unlimited and it shall be the appropriate Shroomiez subDAO to spear the Shroomiez ship towards the right physical venues.

In any case, all opportunities should consider committing a percentage of their success to further strengthen the Shroomieverse. Whether that could be via allocating it to Shroomiez/ETH LP rewards or anything else thought by and approved by the Shroomiez, that is yet to be seen, by the Shroomiez of course.

Closing Notes

Overall, this first version of the Shroompaper should serve to guide the first Shroomiez to become the pioneers which on-board the next million(s) users to Web3. By contributing at any level with Shroomiez, anyone can drive value to their favorite ecosystem projects.

Subsequent editions of the Shroompaper should be provided by the Shroomiez holders, adhering to principles of honesty, truthfulness, and unwavering integrity.


Last updated: 21 august 2023

For more information and updates, please refer to the official Shroomiez communication channels.

Twitter: @ShroomiezNFTs

Instagram: @ShroomiezNFTs




The information provided in this document, referred to as the "Shroompaper," is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, legal, or investment advice. The Shroomiez project and its associated content are presented as a concept and vision, subject to change and development. Any statements made in this document are based on current information available up to the date of publication.

Participation in the Shroomiez project involves risks, and potential participants should conduct their own research and due diligence before making any decisions. The Shroomiez team encourages individuals to seek professional advice from qualified financial, legal, and investment advisors before making any investments or participating in any activities related to the Shroomiez project.

The Shroomiez team does not make any representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information presented in this document. The Shroomiez team is not responsible for any actions taken based on the information provided in this document or any consequences thereof.

The Shroomiez project is not associated with any specific legal entity at this time. This document does not constitute a formal offering or solicitation of investment. No part of this document should be considered an offer or recommendation to buy or sell any securities, assets, or tokens.

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