Oaziz DAO - Important Airdrop Update & Gleam Contest Announcement!
Oaziz DAO
September 10th, 2022

Hey there, Oaziz family!

We’ve seen a lot of activity recently and are really grateful for that. However, we want to ensure all of you will get their NFTs and avoid bots harming the airdrop.

How will NFT distribution work?

You’ll get a certain amount of NFTs for specific actions listed in the table below:

And here’re some more details for you:

Find out how to get XP at Oaziz Discord
A little reminder on how to invite your friends to Oaziz.
Also, you can always check your stats in dedicated channels in our Discord

*Questions contest:
*Ask your questions in #ask-oaziz and become a participant of 58 NFTs raffle.

Contests and special events:
58 NFTs will be given away among our Oaziz NFT Ticketing presentation visitors. The event space will be divided into several rooms. FCFS system will be applied for users willing to join presentation rooms. More details on joining the event will be announced tomorrow!

Another 58 NFTs will be contested among Gleam bounty participants
To get additional NFTs you can participate in our Gleam bounty! Just complete all the tasks and wait for your rewards.

IMPORTANT**: All the participants will be checked by our antifraud system to ensure that no unfair competition will be involved.

Thank you for being with us and don’t forget to visit our Discord. It’s booming🔥

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