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Governance Recap #1: Driving Long-Term Growth for Aura

The past week has seen a whirlwind of temperature checks and draft proposals from core contributors, representatives of DAOs, and community members focused on driving long-term sustainability and growth for Aura. These proposals remain in draft stage, though will be taken to vote in this next vlAURA voting cycle, starting Thursday July 21st.
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Against All Odds: AURA’s LBP Recap and Your Next Steps

Against all odds, Aura’s bootstrapping was accomplished successfully with the support of our strong community. 1,078 ETH was deposited into our LBP by over 220 participants despite the worst possible market conditions. Check this chart out—it’s of the dollar value of ETH during the past week:
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Stronger Together: The DeFi Legends Behind Aura's Multisig

Meet the DeFi OG developers and investors behind Aura's multi-signatures that will further our security-first approach to protocol development.

AURA’s Community-First Tokenomics

Aura’s inception is just days away. If you’re wondering how AURA will be distributed over time, look no further than this blog.
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veBAL Flywheel: Aura Launch Timeline and Boosted Launch Pool

The launch of Aura, an autonomous, non-custodial platform built to boost the yield and governance power of Balancer users, is right around the corner.

More About Aura Finance and Our Launch Plans

The past year has seen exponential growth in so-called vote-escrowed or “ve” tokens. Such token models allow holders to lock their holdings for a set period, creating long-term alignment between stakers and the protocol while decreasing the circulating token supply. Curve proved the efficacy of the model with the veCRV model. Following the success of veCRV, Balancer recently introduced veBAL.