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Alok Vasudev

VC @ Standard Crypto
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The "Free to Own" (F2O) Business Model for Games

Alok Vasudev
September 02
"Free to Own" (F2O) is a disruptive new business model for gaming where game devs give away in-game assets for free to players in exchange for distribution.

Decentralized Social Networks Will Succeed Because of You: The Crypto Community

Decentralized social networks are on-trend nowadays and it’s easy to see why. Top-down, our current social networking status quo has issues. Data monopolies make it hard for users to switch to something new; the advertising business model encourages a singular feed algorithm optimized for attention; and censorship is increasingly relied upon to keep the gen pop at bay. Bottom-up, we’ve advanced our decentralized technology toolkit quite a bit over the past few years. Blockchains have improved; user-controlled crypto wallets now have millions of active users; and tokens (of the fungible and non-fungible varieties) have succeeded as units of value for decentralized protocols and as units of coordination for decentralized communities.