Link3 - The Biggest Web3 AMA Platform - First Month Highlights & Case Studies
October 15th, 2022

In September, we introduced the Link3 Event Planner, a powerful toolkit designed to enable teams to build meaningful relationships with community members through Web3-native events.

With Link3 events, projects and teams can upgrade the same old Twitter Spaces and Discord AMAs to Web3 native events and streamline the events organization, analysis, SBT issuance, and reward distribution to supercharge community engagement. Read the blog here.

Within less than a month, we’ve hosted 128 events from a wide range of projects across Web3!

This effectively makes Link3 the biggest and ultimate Web3 events platform.

To celebrate, Link3 is now sponsoring the next 50 events with a 100 BUSD raffle each. Get in touch with @ryanli_me on Telegram. Set up your event and try out the features today! Read the comprehensive guide here.

Let’s do a quick recap and see how the best Web3 projects supercharged their engagement by using Link3. And read on for more candid words from our partners and resources for you to be more successful in Web3-native events.


We’ve covered extraordinary grounds since our launch of event features on Sep16!

🔥 Some numbers, till the time of writing on Oct13:

  • Total events hosted: 128

  • Total events registrants through Link3: 146,359

  • Total participants: 172,965

  • Average stay time: 36min

  • Total stay time: 6,268,841m
    (That is 621w 6d 8h 41m!)

  • Total W3STs issued: 110,184
    (Every little piece of Status Token is a contribution worth recognizing and becoming part of your community’s collective identity.)

Highlight Partners & Events

We are super excited by the massive progress we’ve made, but we are even more humbled by the trust our partners put into us and the impressive improvement in engagement Link3 empowered!

Just to give you some examples.

NFTGo - consistent 7x listeners for regular Twitter Spaces

NFTGo ( is an extraordinary example partner here.

Super active on social, hosted loads of Twitter Spaces, and has grown a strong community of Twitter followers of 37.2k.

Since their adoption of Link3 Event Planner - using it for easier event info display, participants registration, auto monitoring and participation token issuance - NFTGo has achieved great numbers!

🔥 Total events: 7
Total participants: 6666
Avg participants: 952
Avg stay time: 51min
Total Token claimed: 4122
Claim rate (over eligible participants): 83%

To put things in context, for the 4 Twitter Spaces hosted before adopting Link3 Event Planner, on average 137 people tuned in. Link3 got this number up to 952 on average, marking a huge jump of about 7x!

Also worth mentioning is the stay time, for all 6666 participants over 7 events, everyone stays for about 51mins for each an-hour-or-two session. This is real commitment and engagement.

If you missed out on the sessions, check out the recording of this most popular session on the Importance of Rarity in NFTs, with 2775 registrants! Here.

OKX - 100% growth for an already highly active community

OKX CN ( is a very established and already popular token community on Twitter. Their Twitter Spaces are always informative and engaging and attract a large group of active users. This would have been a very high mark to beat.

But by hosting their events on Link3 and simply adding an automated raffle to the announcement, the total participant number grow another 100%! (A Twitter Space one week prior to the one hosted on Link3 lasted for 2 hours and had in total of 847 listeners tuned in.)

We were humbled by the community’s passion and also honored to enable such further growth.

SnapFingers DAO - 5x from substituting raffles and OATs with Link3’s

SnapFingers DAO ( is another example of stellar growth of engagement on top of an already mature and active community.

With more than 85k followers on Twitter, SnapFingers DAO’s two September Twitter Spaces hosted prior to their adoption of Link3 gathered an average of 250 listeners for each hour-long session. This was achieved with a 100 USDT raffle and OAT issuance.

By a simple act of adopting Link3’s W3ST and raffle, while keeping the Twitter Space running as usual, the Oct 13 panel on Ethereum’s POS change had 1.2k listeners tuned in! That’s roughly 5x, in a snap of fingers 😉

Don’t get us wrong, the content of the space must have been great. According to our backend, people were thoroughly engaged and stayed on average 33min for the session, that is 38,214min (26d 12h 54m) in total! If you missed out, check out the recordings here.

Kudos to SnapFingers DAO 🍻

Nawarat - equally impressive numbers on Discord with 3x tokens claimed

On the Discord front, things are moving equally fast.

Our partner Nawarat ( has been hosting regular sessions in Discord with their community. In their recent Discord session, Nawarat welcomed 2102 participants, who stay on average 43min - again, impressive engagement.

Let’s zoom in on a different angle though. SBTs/tokens issuance is a key way for projects to recognize and duly reward communities’ contributions, and it is crucial as the users can carry those proofs and credentials with them as part of their decentralized identity. It has proven to be a great way to improve engagement as well. In the case of Nawarat, OATs have been used to reward AMA participants in previous events. For a recent AMA, there were 449 OATs minted in the end.

Comparatively, using Link3’s built-in W3STs issuance, free deployment&minting, with the streamlined token design and auto-monitoring all in one place, Nawarat’s recent AMA distributed a 3.5x number of tokens, totaling 1536.

For more info about that event, check it out here.

Testimonials - what the early adopters say about Link3

Numbers speak a lot! But words carry the real sense of trust and collaboration we have with our partners.

Here are some candid words from our partners about Link3. Greatly humbled. Honor is ours!

From Germany’s up-and-coming Defi project Skytale (

NFTGo( needs no further introduction. Check out their regular and engaging discussions.

MirrorWorld (, one of the most innovative Web3 Game projects, “Develop Worlds as Games”. Learn more about them in our partner deep dives!

If any of the keywords in the testimonials here - visibility, 20x more, engagement, new blood, closer community, etc. - speaks to your vision about community. Please be our guest! Get in touch with us today!

Again, calling all Web3 community builders! Link3 is now sponsoring the next 50 events with a 100 BUSD raffle each. Get in touch with @ryanli_me on Telegram. Set up your event and try out the features today! Read the comprehensive guide here.

Marketing Efforts & Support

To help our partners achieve better engagement with communities and tap into some new user segments, we’ve launched a whole series of social media and content efforts.

What’s Up in Web3 - Weekly events preview series

We use this weekly series to again draw people’s attention to the best-quality and most engaging events coming up in the following week. As we grow, we will provide more comprehensive curation and preview content to go along with this.

To give you an example, in the recent issue we featured 5 events, with every event ending up having at least around 1000 registrants.

Weekly Highlight - a highlighted partner deep-dive, key metrics, and events

This is our weekend series that takes the chance to step back and reflect on the progress of the ecosystem and do a thorough deep-dive into one of our fellow partners. We cover the project intro, key milestones, event highlights, Link3 benefits, specific industry insights, and, take this chance to channel the attention to the partner project’s ongoing or upcoming campaigns to maximize our traffic.

One example issue here from last week.

Link3 Partners Telegram Chat

We’ve created an exclusive and active group chat for all our Link3 Partners to

  • Release product change-log or feature updates - which is a lot.

  • Troubleshoot any issues you may encounter, in a timely manner.

  • Share tutorials & tips on how to grow your audience with Link3.

  • Mingle and come up with great community events and collaboration opportunities.

Get in touch if you haven’t been invited!

This is where we not only talk about partnership, but actually go extra miles, and tweets, and articles, to practically empower our partners with our resources.

A thriving ecosystem needs everyone to build upon each other, let us start from here.

More Resources

Get in Touch

We hope this recap gives you, and also us, a glimpse of Link3’s potential in empowering community builders and supercharging engagement.

This is barely the beginning, and we are heads down working out more tools that deliver real results. We’d love to have more fellow Web3 projects join us and build real meaningful connections with the communities.

Should you have any questions, get in touch with @ryanli_me on Telegram. We are here to help.

Again, calling all Web3 community builders! Link3 is now sponsoring the next 50 events with a 100 BUSD raffle each. Set up your event and try out the features today!

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