Link3 Handbook for Organizations - The Ultimate AMA Platform

Welcome, fellow projects and event organizers. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about using Link3 - setting up your profile, creating and managing an event, W3ST & Raffle, and all other useful tips.

Link3 is here to help organizations build meaningful relationships with their communities. Let’s get to it!

Create and Verify a Profile

📌 Before you get started, make sure you have:

  • Link3 Organizational Invitation Code. If you don’t have one, dm @roy_shen on tg

  • access to your organization’s official Twitter

Head over to our landing page at Connect your wallet to log into Link3.

📫 Tips: We recommend using your project wallet instead of any personal wallets. However, if you don’t have access to one, or your project wallet is where you keep your treasure, please just use any wallet or create a new one.
Also, you will be able to invite more team members to log in with their personal wallets to co-manage the Link3 profile and events.

Now you are on your Personal Dashboard, where you can see upcoming events from other organizations. Your event will show up here after you finish this tutorial. First, please find the bottom left account section to switch to your Organizational Dashboards.

Create an org profile here with an organization invitation code.

Now you are in the Organization Dashboard where you have access to your profile page, event planner, admin settings, and key insights to your page. We will dive deeper into each one of them respectively below.

Let’s first get your profile verified so your community knows this is really you and all the information/events are trustworthy.

There are 3 simple steps for verification:

  • Start verifying your organizational profile by linking your official Twitter account. This will open a pop-up window for Twitter authentication.

📫 Tips: Make sure you’ve logged in and are currently on the right Twitter account in the same browser for this verification. You don’t want to link your org’s profile to a personal Twitter and that won’t get it verified.

  • Choose your unique handle - it should be the organization name like Link3, CyberConnect, or Binance. We will manually review it.

  • Link your organization’s work email to receive verification status, feature updates, and analytics. You can invite more team members via email to co-manage the profile.

Once we finish the review, you will see your Link3 URL changes to your chosen handle, and a verified icon will appear next to your logo.

Please pin our team if you don’t receive any verification updates within 24 hours of submission.

While you wait, let’s get your profile content set up.

Edit the Profile

You are provided with a template with the information most organizations want to showcase and communicate to their community.

The page consists of sections and three are three types of them.

These are the links to your key resources and communication channels that you never want your community to get wrong. Put them down here and give them clear names.

Content is where you get the most freedom and can showcase the vision, mission, ideology, recent updates, or some milestone recap. Choose a type and put the link down. A preview will show up on the profile afterward.

People & Organizations

This is where you declare key relationships with other people and organizations.

Currently, for better verifiability, Link3 only allows you to add those people or organizations who are on Twitter.

Put down their handle and describe their roles and relationship with the project in the title text box. You need to input their exact Twitter handle to find them.

📫 Tips: You can always change the name of each section and create multiple sections of the same type. For example, you could create 4 sections of People & Organizations as Backers, Team, Key Community Contributors, and Fellow Partners. Or create 3 sections of Official Links as Social, Hiring, and Community Spaces.

📫 An advanced tip: add an emoji, (or a flock of them!) to the names or titles to make them fun!

Besides the sections, you should also set up your profile information on the top of the page for consistent branding. These will determine the look of the open graph image in your URL preview. So set that brand color right!

  • Background & Profile pic.

  • Display name. which can be different from your unique handle.

  • Bio, chain, sector, token.

To give you some examples of stellar profiles our early partners have created:

Create an Event

Introducing Link3 Event Planner

Link3 Event Planner is a powerful toolkit designed to enable projects and teams to streamline their events organization, analysis, and reward&SBT issuance to enhance community engagement in Web3-native ways. Community members can now easily join the top events in Web3, and own and sculpt their verifiable identities through community participation.

Some highlighted features include:

  • Autogenerated and Customizable Event Posters

  • W3ST Token Design and Issuance

  • Discord & Twitter Monitoring Module

  • Built-in Raffle Module to Boost Traffic and Engagement

  • Analytics - Understand Your Community Better

  • Access Control - Seamless Teamwork

  • No migration, only value-adds

To learn more, read our blog here.

Create a New Event

To get started, you have to get verified to create events. If you haven’t done so, see the guide here.

On your Organization Dashboard, go to Events from the left panel and click on Create Event, a new tab should open for you, and here you are in the event editor. Let’s go through some key features.

Set Up Twitter or Discord Events with Monitoring

Link3 currently supports events happening on your verified Twitter account or Discord server. So you can benefit from all the value-adds from using Link3 while keeping your original events running as they have been.

One of the key offerings of Link3 is to help you automatically monitor your audience’s engagement and enable projects to recognize such participation/contribution with tokens or rewards.

Waste no time on creating tedious sign-up sheets, compiling whitelists, or worrying about sybils.

Simply set up the bot for your Discord server or Twitter Space.

  • For Discord, you will have to add a bot to your project’s server.

    • A Discord window will pop up and asks for your permission. As shown below, we only ask for two basic ones: “Create Instant Invite” and “Read Messages/View Channels”.

    • Then select the channel where your event is going to be held.

Required Access by Link3 Discord Bot
Required Access by Link3 Discord Bot
  • For Twitter, you will have to schedule a Twitter Space before creating a Link3 event.

📫 Tips: Don’t share the plain simple Twitter reminder directly. Create a Link3 event first and share instead the Link3 event URL for community members to engage with your raffle&SBT and to enable analytics and tracking.

Simply choose your scheduled Twitter Space or manually paste your Twitter URL.

Event Info - Name, Speaker & Duration

This step should be straightforward. Be mindful of the time zones and name your event in a clear but inviting way.

📫 Tips: For speaker information, we recommend putting down your speaker’s Twitter handle for the easiest setup, as we directly pull information from Twitter and link it to their Link3 profile if available.

All the information will be automatically updated on your poster design. Follow the next step to tweak your poster design further.

Edit Poster

  • You can always upload your own poster designs but Link3 has also created this streamlined poster editor to help you come up with a poster in a few clicks.

  • Link3 can autogenerate a quick attractive design based on the event info input and a few design choices such as template and background.

  • Download the poster in different formats to fit in all your social media channels.

Add Event Description and One-click Share on Twitter

Add some event descriptions and use the button to quickly share your event invite to Twitter. Sharing through this button will enable Link3 audience analysis from where they find out about your event.

The autogenerated message will include event info, speakers’ Twitter handles, W3ST and Raffle information (if applicable, see below sections), and the link3 event URL with your poster as the preview.

Managing Your Upcoming and Past Events

On your Link3 dashboard, you can always see an overview of your upcoming or past events. You can delete events here too.

Go to the public page of the events by clicking on the posters.

Go to your specific event backend by clicking the Edit button in the dashboard.

📌 Note: Events with W3STs deployed cannot be deleted.


W3ST(Web3 Status Tokens) is CyberConnect’s token standard designed to carry the significance of status and to construct the layer of trust and verifiable identities from the bottom up. Web3 Status Tokens can serve as endorsements, proof of participation, community roles & credentials, among many things. Each W3ST is a separate non-transferable, ERC-721 token for on-chain composability and has a reference to its issuer on-chain for anti-fraud.

Level up your same old Twitter spaces to proper Web3 campaigns with W3STs. Start building a verifiable system of community engagement with zero hassle.

Create W3ST for your event

Find the Web3 Status Token(W3ST) tab on your optional event settings page after creating an event, or find your event backend through the dashboard.

Tweak the autogenerated token design

You can come up with your W3ST design in just a few clicks. Or you could also upload your own design. Once done, you can download your token design as well.

Set claim rules

Set a minimum participation requirement (such as attendance time, auto-monitored by Link3 event bots on Twitter and Discord), or add additional criteria such as KYC verification or following your Link3 profile. This is to make sure you recognize the people with real participation and contribution. More features are coming up.

Free Contract Deployment (and gas-less minting for users)

Set these up and you are done, Link3 takes care of gas used in contract deployment and minting (currently on BNB Chain).

📌 Note: once a W3ST Token contract is deployed, it cannot be changed and the corresponding event can no longer be deleted.


With Link3, it’s way easier to set up raffles and automate giveaways. Link3’s Raffle is an add-on feature to gather more traffic and incentivize more engagement. The idea is simple: you determine a reward and rules of eligibility, and Link3 takes care of the rest - all eligible participants are automatically counted, winners randomly selected and prizes distributed.

Create a Raffle for your event and set rewards

Find the Raffle tab on your optional event settings page after creating an event, or find your event backend through the dashboard.

Link3 raffle currently supports all kinds of codes and all ERC-20 tokens on BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum, with future support coming for NFTs.

Set requirements for joining the raffle and share on social

Link3 currently supports retweeting as a raffle requirement.

Click “Tweet Now” to post the autogenerated tweet that includes your event information and copy-paste that tweet link back into the “Link to the Tweet” text box. Through raffle, your event will gain more engagement and impressions, and any registrants of your events through Link3 who have retweeted will be automatically counted.

📫 Your users will have already linked their Twitter when registering for the event on Link3.

📌 Note: Once created, your raffle settings cannot be changed.

Profile and Event Analytics

Link3 Analytics provides you with critical metrics about your traffic to follow up with participants and plan better future events. Metrics include but are not limited to:

  • page visits over time & geo-location

  • user roles in Discord

  • participants’ attendance time

Access your analytics directly at your dashboard or find specific analytics for your past events through the events list.

And get to know your audience more through their Link3 profiles.

Manage Your Team with Access Control

The Link3 organization profile may be linked to an organization wallet address but you can invite more of your team members to co-manage the space.

Find the Members section on the left panel of your Organization Dashboard and start to Invite members by putting down their email and roles.

They should receive an email from and can easily follow the link and connect their wallet. Your organizational page should be available on their accounts.

Get in touch

Thanks for using Link3! We hope this guide helps!

Let us know if you still have any questions and we are always happy to chat. Get in touch with @ryanli_me on telegram.

Finally, a reminder that Link3 is now sponsoring the next 50 events with a 100 BUSD raffle each. Set up your event and try out the features today!

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