March 4th, 2022

Since our start just under 4 weeks ago, DropoutDAO is now home to 200+ members in our Discord, with a growing waiting list of 400+ people. We’ve grown sustainably both in IRL and URL, and have learned so much from all community members around the world through our 1:1 onboarding calls.

Today, we’re excited to announce DropoutDAO working groups, a new way to contribute to the DropoutDAO community.

We’re looking forward to contributions from our talented community of unconventional thinkers. Learn more about the working group teams below, and join us here.

👅 For more context on our decentralized university, read our manifesto here.

February 22nd, 2022


University is a leap away from home, the first venture into the abyss.

It’s a new start, an admission ticket to a new community. This community is incredibly valuable — university alumni networks are carefully crafted to cultivate each university's reputation, credibility, and legacy.

However, school is expensive. According to a study done in 2019 by New York Life, it takes adults on average 18.5 years to pay off loans. If the upfront cost was worth the investment, then it may make sense. However, these days, it’s just “an expensive way to find yourself.”