I own 0.03% of a crypto punk and think Rocket Pool will save ETH from the Big Banks. Former philosophy nerd, aspiring doc, DeFi degen.
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Why Paradigm Was Wrong: How rETH Will Flip stETH

The social and economic headwinds facing stETH, how these are reflected by market conditions creating tailwinds for rETH, and a breakdown of the LSD market.
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Crypto - A Global Coping Mechanism

Crypto is a social as well as economic escape fantasy
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The Rocket Pool Layer Zero Bull Case

I’ve written extensively about rETH and Rocket Pool as a protocol. I have sung the praises of permissionless node operation, decentralization, and censorship resistance from the protocol and the tokens used there within. However, as our Bankless graced friend has said time and time again, however bullish you are on Rocket Pool, you are wrong. You are insufficiently bullish.

One SaaS to Rule Them All

One SaaS to rule them all
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One Pool to Rule Them All…

The story of how staking is being decentralized on Ethereum and how the neverending search for yield is making this shift profitable. From CeXs to Lido to Rocket Pool— the time is now to champion the first basket of liquid staking tokens.