Nick Vivion // worldli.eth
September 22nd, 2022

There are no shortcuts to building community in web3. It’s a hands-on, 24/7 commitment.

Whereas web2 made it easy to target specific segments and anonymously inundate them with ‘relevant’ ads, web3 requires a steadfast commitment to community.

And yes, that absolutely can be exhausting and taxing, for even the most engaged and passionate community builders. So that’s why it’s important to set the proper foundation for your web3 community.

By providing structure and density, a strong foundation makes the process of building, engaging and growing a community easier to manage over the long-term.

Community building is never for the faint of heart. It’s for the dedicated, the passionate, the hands-on, the empathetic — and most importantly, the value creators.

It’s true: Those who work as community managers, mods, and heads of community — which we call community builders — are one of the most focused and aware groups when it comes to creating, and maintaining, value.

At its core, community is about value transfer.

And community builders are at the center of that core, balancing the two-way value transfer process. The community must give to its members and its members must also sustain the community.

Web3 is the convergence of brand, marketing and community. But make no mistake: community is king.

In the avalanche of web3 pivots, prognostications, and predictable skepticism that naturally emerges alongside a trendy new buzzword, one can be forgiven for not giving a f*uck.

The skeptics would have us think that the hype is overblown (it is), that the rich have taken over (they have) and that web3 is a joke (it isn’t).

But all of those points — whether fair criticism, knee-jerk reactionism, or simple laziness — truly miss the point.

Community managers and mods are the glue that binds - and builds – communities.

In fact, that’s why we prefer the term “community builder.” It more accurately describes the role of nurturing growth over a sustained period of time.

Because, without effective, consistent management, communities become loosely knit groups of people with tenuous connections. Top-tier community builders maintain a consistent culture, attract the most passionate people and retain the most engaged members.

Community builders are, in fact, the rockstars of web3!