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June 28 2024 - Heroes

It’s beginning to dawn on me how much of an inspiration my parents are to me. If you asked me who I looked up to a couple years ago I would’ve gave you a list of people I’ve never even met. However, as I think on all the sacrifices my parents have made for our family, a deep sense of gratefulness grows in my heart.

June 17 2024 - Be lazy, do more

Laziness is a trait most people frown upon. But it’s beginning to dawn on me that laziness can ironically help you get more done.

June 11 2024 - Arduino

Today I purchased an Arduino starter kit so I could begin learning how to create and program small electronic devices.

June 1 2024 - Glebe Markets with Mum

Going to the markets with my mum has become somewhat of a ritual I’ve carried on from all the days my mum would go shopping for second hand clothes with her own mum.

June 1 2024 - Are You Jealous?

Yes, I’m jealous and that’s ok.

May 26 2024 - First Principles

I heard the term first principles get thrown around multiple times this week. It wasn’t until I listened to Tim Urban break down exactly what that meant on the Lex Fridman show, that I understood what all these people had been talking about.

May 25 2024 - The Five

I just finished reading Kevin Kelly’s book excellent advice for living in almost one sitting. The book is filled with over 400 short maxims and advice on life.

May 24 2024 - The Great Hafftka

I’m thankful that I’ve woken up another day and get to create. I have a podcast episode scheduled to record in 30 minutes with the artist Michael Hafftka.

May 23 2024 - Virtual Graffiti with Victor

I just spent the past two hours spray painting with my friend Victor. He painted from the comfort of his lounge room, while I painted in my backyard as I soaked up the sun.