April 29th, 2022

At JournoDAO, we are often asked, “What does journalism have to do with web3 and crypto?” Well, there is actually a deep alignment between the purpose of journalism and the purpose of decentralization and the blockchain consensus model.

In blockchain terms, journalists are like network validators. Especially journalists on the local/regional level.

Journalists verify statements and engage in cultural sense-making for their communities so that a large number of people can reach consensus about what has happened. About what is true for the community regardless of what people outside the community believe. What the community values and who is helping the community achieve those values. It’s not as clear cut or as simple as that, but in aggregate this is generally the case.

With this framing in mind, we could say that the US has undergone a ‘51% Attack’ in the preceding decades. National media conglomerates bought up local papers, radio stations, billboards, etc. and homogenized our shared culture. The papers and news orgs that were not bought went out of business in record numbers. Our validators were either purchased or shut down.

April 20th, 2022
Doesn't have to be this one, but it could be. Credit: Ben Burlaga / Unsplash
Doesn't have to be this one, but it could be. Credit: Ben Burlaga / Unsplash

In recent years, trust in media has plummeted. A 2021 international study from the Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford found that only 44 percent of media consumers across 46 countries trust in the news overall. In the United States, the amount who trust the news is a shocking 29 percent.

What’s worse: media consolidation and the cannibalizing forces of Web1 and Web2 business models have left many communities with fewer or even zero outlets providing any local coverage for them to mistrust in the first place.

No matter what’s to blame, be it social media, predatory algorithms, political polarization or market forces, we believe blockchain, DAOs and other Web3 tools can repair some of the damage done.

March 4th, 2022

About five months ago, I was just like you. Rolling my eyes at crypto Twitter and guffawing at the excitement over NFTs. But then I was forced to accept a freelance payment in crypto, and the process of getting that money into my bank account got my curiosity going.

For one, the money actually showed up. I actually got paid. So my assumption that crypto tokens are worthless started to erode.

Thus began my journey down the rabbit hole to figure out what else I was wrong about. The series of revelations that followed is something difficult to describe, but I’ll do my best in the coming weeks and months to communicate the promise of web3 to my fellow journalists.

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February 12th, 2022

We got a lot of things wrong with the Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 versions of journalism.

Both dealt in the currency of cynicism too often. We believe the Web3 version of journalism will deal more in the currency of hope.

This is why we’re launching JournoDAO to explore how DAOs and Web3 can revitalize journalism and repair the damage done by the cynical use of some truly tremendous tools and technologies over the past quarter century.

We’re looking to build a community to explore some of the most exciting questions to face journalism in a generation, such as: