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Consumer Product Moment

December 07
One reason centralized exchanges have flourished is because of the high access barriers today's self-custodial solutions, wallets and hardware security devices, still have. We have seen where this approach has led us.

Thoughts on Wolf Game

May 02
Recently, Wolf Game launched their second mini-game (or pre-game): Cave Game. This is their first 3rd-person-view game, after the previous mini-game Alpha Game was interface-only, where users could stake their NFT assets in one of several Wolf Packs to compete for $WOOL — the game's native currency, which can then can be used to buy digital objects within the game’s internal economy in the yet-to-be released full game.

NFT's Shoeshine Boys

February 15
There is this anecdote about Joe Kennedy, JFK’s father, who got out of the stock market shortly before the Great Depression, because his shoeshine boy gave him investment tips. It is now referred to the Shoeshine Boy Indicator.

My NFT 2021

January 28
Began my journey in July with a Hirst Currency... bought in fiat & with my credit card. Bridged it from Palm to Ethereum, a month later sold it for 13.5e. My first eth. And so it began...

Games powered by token-based internal economies

January 26
1/4 of gamers buy in-game virtual items & spend an average of ~170$ each year (may differ in different studies). How much of that goes back to the gaming community? 0% (Roblox is an exception). Vs. the gaming company? 100%.

Web3's Daniel Ek

January 22
I loved this anecdote from Jesse Walden’s post about the ownership economy:

Crypto-curious brands

January 21
We're at the beginning of a new media culture—with new dominant players emerging in the form of crypto-native brands (e.g. BAYC). The establishment brands will try to leverage their existing influence (incl. money) and try to stay relevant.