Metavers Artspace: A DeSci platform for higher art education
July 24th, 2022

Metaverse Artspace is a web3 fine arts e-learning service focused on exploring metamodernism and artificial intelligence, providing the next generation of academic certified digital art.

🏺Collect Art

Metavers Artspace DAO is an art collector DAO, whose mission is to build an academy of fine arts on chain, starting with the tokenization of exhibition space for the academicians and onboarding a large number of art experts for the next generation of educational content.

🏺Education First

$INGULARITY is the basic literature and the first interactive book publication in Web3. It is the living community mission that gets reviewed every season and re-written once every few semesters.


$MART is the governance token of Metavers Artspace DAO to give holders the right to vote on issues that govern the development and operations of the blockchain project Metavers Artspace. $MART is used for the P2P art evaluation system.

 $MART is the governance token of Metavers Artspace DAO
$MART is the governance token of Metavers Artspace DAO


Art Education has always been gated by central authorities to accept only a small number of students for art schools, while measuring success depends on a board of directors, grades and credit points. At the same time, artistic education and creative thinking are underrepresented in the age of AI and automation. Opportunities to do business and sell artworks while studying are limited at traditional art schools. In the NFT Art Market, it’s hard to find NFTs associated with professional standards and academic value. There is a lack of knowledge about Fine Arts and the definition of Contemporaneity.


Metavers Artspace DAO is expanding opportunities for art academicians with a decentralized system and the certification of fine arts. The absence of a central authority and a P2P art evaluation system makes voting a key aspect.

Metavers Artspace DAO is launching a mirror $MART contract to develop the DeSci application, a web3 fine arts e-learning service focused on exploring metamodernism and artificial intelligence. The platform integrates art research into the blockchain economy and enhances education's reward system through a learn-and-earn mechanism. It empowers artists how to create art in context to the history of art. A sentient AI Assistant aims to make informations more accessible to researchers and users.



Metavers Artspace was founded by the art researcher and curator Carina Lue with a notion of art as contemporary knowledge production that will last in our ever-changing world. She studied fine arts, philosophy and art theory with a focus on technological innovations and implemented projects in the field of internet cultures and cultural education at locations around the world. As an education leader, she is an expert in hybrid aesthetic forms with a focus on new blended-learning solutions. In her research, she is dealing with digital forms of memory and experimental narratives using AI Chatbots and mind cloning.

Technology can not only generate sales arguments for consumers, it can also simplify access to education, enable new forms of education and strengthen collective awareness of abstract and international problem solutions.

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