Noox Awakens Round 3: What Will You Achieve on Web3?


The first POAP 'Genesis Pioneer' and second POAP 'Early Settler' took place over the past 3 weeks and are now closed. But it's too early to be disappointed yet! As announced in the Noox Awakens campaign introduction article, this campaign consists of 3 POAP rounds and 1 Mirror round. The 3rd and last POAP round still remains!

Rounds 1 and 2 required very simple actions, such as interacting on Twitter or joining in Discord. Possibly because it was so simple, approximately 1,500 and 5,500 people participated in the first and second rounds, respectively. The third round is going to be a little different. As a result, it is expected to be a rarer POAP than the previous two POAPs.

Image of Early Builder POAP
Image of Early Builder POAP

Also, this is the first opportunity to actually contribute to Noox as part of the ecosystem. That's why the title of this POAP is 'Early Builder.'

So, this is how Round 3 works:

In the full version of Noox, anyone can propose any badges they want and can even monetize using them. Let's practice before the official version is released!

Round 3 will begin in the #suggest-new-badges channel on the Noox Discord. Please tell us what on-chain achievements you want to accomplish the most according to the format shown in the 3 examples below!

Ex. 1)

  1. Badge Title: ETH 2.0 Believer
  2. Requirements to receive the badge: Staked 32 $ETH to become a full validator.
  3. Contract Address(optional): 0x00000000219ab540356cbb839cbe05303d7705fa
  4. Why do you think it is meaningful: Have a strong belief in Ethereum 2.0.
  5. Your ENS or eth address: 0x23156587eD37Be8e1c41A1364558a9271f844544

Ex. 2)

  1. Badge Title: OlympusDAO Ohmie
  2. Requirements to receive the badge: Staked one’s $OHM with OlympusDAO.
  3. Contract Address(optional): 0xc8c436271f9a6f10a5b80c8b8ed7d0e8f37a612d
  4. Why do you think it is meaningful: Experienced (3, 3) mechanism of DeFi.
  5. Your ENS or eth address: noox.eth

Ex. 3)

  1. Badge Title: Gitcoin Donator
  2. Requirements to receive the badge: Donated to one of the projects on Gitcoin.
  3. Contract Address(optional): 0x7d655c57f71464b6f83811c55d84009cd9f5221c
  4. Why do you think it is meaningful: Supported the development of open-source Web3 software.
  5. Your ENS or eth address: 0x23156587eD37Be8e1c41A1364558a9271f844544

Participants must follow the same format as shown in the example above. Please keep in mind that if you do not adhere to the given format, you may be excluded from the review! Also, you can propose more than one achievement. The more badges you suggest, the more likely you are to be selected!

Please note that not everyone participating in this round will receive POAP. The core team will personally check all proposals and whitelist addresses that can receive POAP. This round will also be held for 72 hours, and the whitelisted addresses will be announced within 3 days after the round ends.

Let's BUIDL!

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Noox is a place where you can mint web3 achievement as soulbound NFTs like “badges”. Owning these badges will unlock new opportunities in the web3-verse.

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