Noox Awakens: Community Bootstrap


Last week, we announced that Noox was born to show your Web3 life achievements to the world:

Noox was born last week. This week, it's time for Noox to wake up.

Needless to say, everyone knows how important early community building is in the crypto scene. We - the Noox team - want to be clear that we're more than eager to build the community with everyone in the scene from the get-go.

Today, Noox is announcing a pre-launch community bootstrapping campaign called 'NOOX AWAKENS,' designed with two missions in mind: Building the early community and rewarding the early contributors.

How the 'Noox Awakens' works

Noox Awakens is a weekly participatory event held for 4 weeks to learn more about Noox and become familiar with it. Starting this Friday (02.04.2022) at 02:00 PM UTC, you'll get four opportunities to become OG for the future of Web3 social.

For the first three weeks, one POAP will be issued per week. The three POAPs can be obtained only through specific actions. Each POAP guarantees the right to participate in the Noox beta in the near future and the benefit of receiving $NOOX airdrops. Exclusive access to #noox-awakeners chat will also be provided.

To summarize, each POAP guarantees:

  • The right to participate in the Beta;
  • The benefit of receiving $NOOX airdrops; and
  • Exclusive access to #noox-awakeners chat for the early supporters only.
NOOX AWAKENS - Genesis Pioneer POAP
NOOX AWAKENS - Genesis Pioneer POAP

The genesis POAP can be earned by dropping your ENS on the following tweet:

Each POAP event runs for 72 hours. To receive the 2nd and 3rd POAPs, please follow us on Twitter and join our Discord community for further announcements.

The finale, scheduled to be held in the last week, is your chance to win the most $NOOX before the official token launch. We plan to issue NFTs through our Mirror blog, and after the official launch of Noox, tokens will be airdropped to the holders. More details on this will be shared later in a separate article.

What's next?

MVP of Noox will be released soon after this campaign is over. As mentioned above, you will be given permission to participate in the beta, and you will receive $NOOX that will be used for future Noox product and DAO governance.

LFG! Let's wake it up!

That's the big idea of "Noox Awakens." We hope you enjoy it. Interact with us to earn your beta access and your first $NOOX.

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