Welcome to the OPEN Ticketing Ecosystem

Welcome to OPEN, the home of onchain ticketing.

After years of building state of the art ticketing infrastructure that has processed millions of tickets for events around the world, we’re now ready to bring the ticketing industry onchain by launching the OPEN Ticketing Ecosystem.

The mission of OPEN is simple - to bring the $85 billion ticketing industry onchain, solve the inherent problems plaguing ticketing and restore rightful control back to event organizers, artists and their fans.

The time has never been better to launch this mission.

With significant improvements in onchain accessibility, through complexity abstraction, the maturing of onchain experiences and platforms along with reliable blockchain activity, all of the ingredients are in place to take the ticketing industry by storm.

Why ticketing should be onchain

The simple answer is that onchain ticketing is the only way to permissionlessly restore rightful control back to organizers and artists, whilst drastically redefining what a ticket can do.

No longer is a ticket a single use access right that becomes worthless upon usage. The benefits of an onchain ticket extend to the entire lifecycle of a ticket, from well before an event begins (with decentralized event financing) to becoming a post-event digital access pass into an artist or organizer’s community & experiences.

For an event organizer, this means they can raise funds for their event without needing to sign their soul away to a centralized ticketing monopoly. Selling onchain tickets results in enforceable sale rules across the primary and secondary markets, whilst providing transparency and authenticity that can be verified onchain.

OPEN has built the tools to enable access to all these benefits, from our new event financing hub, to full suite ticketing infrastructure, NFT collectible functionalities and much more.

Humble beginnings

OPEN is a new chapter - but one with an eight year journey in the making, having started out in 2016 with the humble goal of applying blockchain technology to issues faced in the ticketing industry such as widescale fraud and scalping.

We learned quite quickly in that initial phase that in order to disrupt ticketing at scale we’d need to bring the technology direct to the market, which is why we focused on a Web2.5 approach by building frictionless front end ticketing experiences that leveraged the blockchain behind the scenes.

In the first two years we went on to conquer significant milestones in the Dutch market through our ticketing integrator GUTS Tickets. In 2017 & 18 we issued blockchain registered tickets for the largest Dutch comedian Jochem Myjer being one of the very first consumer facing blockchain applications in existence at scale.

From there we set our sights on the global stage, expanding to allow other ticketing partners to utilise our full infrastructure, with several significant successes, such as DeFy Tickets in the United States, who facilitated tickets for events with Gucci Mane, Lupe Fiasco and other notable names.

In the latter years, GUTS Tickets became the preferred supplier of the Ziggo Dome, Europe’s largest indoor music venue, with onchain tickets issued for stadium sized music concerts with 16,000+ attendees, many times over.

All of the attendees below have both a behind the scenes Web3 wallet and onchain ticket - magic right?

In 2023, utilizing our API infrastructure, we facilitated ticket linked collectibles for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Zandvoort, The Netherlands. Providing direct access to NFT collectibles within the Dutch Grand Prix app, providing over 28k+ new users for the Dutch GP, incentivized by signing up for a collectible.

You can watch the case movie here:

By the end of 2023, our infrastructure had facilitated over 5 million onchain tickets for 20,000+ events with countless artists and event organizers, receiving significant recognition from the ticketing industry along the way.

Now it is time to go fully Web3.

The right tooling to bring ticketing onchain

As mentioned briefly in the introduction, we’ve crafted tools that event organizers, independent artists, existing ticketeers and even onchain builders can tap into.

This suite of tooling includes:

  • An API for ticket issuances & behind the scenes wallet creation

  • A front-end Wallet UI for accessing onchain tickets and collectibles

  • An event financing hub for raising funds pre-event

  • A global ticketing explorer for viewing real-time ticketing activity around the world

  • A subgraph where anyone can poll and fetch ticketing data

  • A full suite ticketing infrastructure with event dashboard, mobile ticket app & scanner app

OPEN’s infrastructure is capable of issuing millions of onchain tickets a day at maximum capacity, having worked to bundle hundreds of ERC-721 NFT tickets into singular batch transactions.

Any builder can get plugged in using our API - view our docs here.

We also have a grants program to encourage and incentivize builders to join the movement of bringing ticketing onchain with us.

OPN - the fuel for global onchain ticketing

At the heart of OPEN is our native utility token OPN which is used as the fuel for all ticketing activity that takes place through the OPEN Ticketing Ecosystem.

Before a ticketing integrator issues tickets through OPEN, they need to top up OPN sourced from the open market. When tickets are sold in local FIAT currency to a ticket buyer, OPN flows behind the scenes into our economic contracts providing seamless onchain accounting.

When tickets are scanned for an event, the used OPN fuel flows to token stakers, the DAO & the ecosystem treasury.

OPN is set to become tradable across various chains on March 28th. Stay tuned for more token details.

Real world staking

Our staking system rewards OPN stakers through real world yield sourced from ticketing activity around the world. By staking, you’ll accrue a percentage of the rewards that flow in from ticketing activity. Staking rewards occur in two week intervals, with yield for that period being determined by the events that take place during the interval.

Whether an attendee visits a museum, a stadium concert, comedy club or any other OPEN-facilitated event around the world,, as a staker you will automatically earn real yield - just like magic.

What to expect on the road ahead

With the launch of the OPEN Ticketing Ecosystem comes a number of initiatives that aim to accelerate the ecosystem’s goal of bringing the ticketing industry onchain.

Onchain Ticketing Movement

The first of which is the onchain ticketing movement and manifesto launching on the 19th of March, that looks to unite the Web3 ecosystem on disrupting the problems faced in ticketing. This vibrant manifesto will be heavily shared across socials, along with co-operation from a multitude of likeminded projects across the space. Anyone that mints the manifesto will be eligible for a distribution of OPN down the line, representing their voice in the new onchain ticketing industry.

A radical inclusivity for all Web3 projects looking to further the disruption of ticketing.

The OPEN Roadmap

This week we’ll also share the OPEN roadmap providing clear insights into the evolution of the ecosystem and what community members, builders and DAO participants can expect. To coincide, we’ve kicked off a new DAO hub on Discourse that will be the centerpiece for DAO related discussions and proposals.

OPN Launch & Multi-Chain Expansion

On the 28th March, OPN will officially launch as the native fuel token for the OPEN Ticketing Ecosystem, the token will not only be available on Ethereum and Polygon, but will be expanding multi-chain across new ecosystems including Base, Solana and Tezos.

We’re expecting this to further amplify OPEN’s mission and bring new community members into the ecosystem from across the space.

Bigger, better, stronger

Following this, we’ll have a large new Integrator utilizing OPEN’s infrastructure that will bring significant additional volume and traction to the ecosystem - we can’t wait to reveal more soon.

Your portal into the ecosystem

Looking to navigate the OPEN ticketing ecosystem and all its possibilities? Then our portal will be your best friend. Here you can find a one stop shop of all the OPEN hubs that take you across our ecosystem.

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