July 6th, 2022

By Brileigh Hardcastle and Matthew Brooks

“September 20” is a story about birth, potential, and the photographic process.

Carlo Van de Roer had planned to photograph the birth of his firstborn child. His ambitious plan was to use his large format camera but this idea quickly evaporated when his wife suddenly went into labor that morning. It quickly became apparent that their son would be born much sooner than anticipated. Pacing anxiously like most expectant fathers, Carlo called the midwife and doula before heating towels in the oven and inflating a small swimming pool under an oak tree in their backyard. With his wife in labor in the inflatable pool, Carlo had just enough time to scramble together sheets of unexposed large format negatives and chromogenic paper. He then scattered them into the ambient light that his son was born in before shutting them away in a light safe box.

Carlo Van de Roer, September 20, Set 2.
Carlo Van de Roer, September 20, Set 2.

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