why web3? part 1 - connection

so in 1 week, i’m releasing my first song on chain. whilst i count down the days i thought i’d shed some light some light into why web3? starting with reason 1; connection:

last year i was playing a solo support gig; dancing about, grooving and completely immersed in my own music on stage.

it was the last song, and 2 strangers made their way from the back of the room all the way to the front and started dancing to my song like they had been told their life depended on it.

it was the first time I'd seen strangers properly let go and move their feet to my music - I was in catharsis.

after my set, I'd packed up my gear and ran into one of them and started profusely thanking them for the energy they'd given.

they said "you were having such a good time we just wanted to join you in it and be part of your energy".

i wanted to bathe in that comment and the feeling it gave me for weeks - i had been making $3 a month from streaming platforms, the social algorithms limited any notion of connection i tried to publish and any legitimate human connection felt so sparse.

when Jamie (Sound of Fractures) introduced me to Web3 world and the sense of connection and community it had given him, i went back to that moment with the 2 dancing strangers; a moment of connection that seems to struggle to flourish in the streaming platform and social media world.

and whilst i'm only at the beginning of my deep dive into this landscape, i've already had countless moments, messages and connections with people that have reached out and told me the connections they've had with my music.

i can't wait for more.

to read more about me and the beginnings of simmerdown, you can read my first mirror post:

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