State of the StarSeeds DAO Report #1

The soft pre-launch of the StarSeeds Protocol V2 has begun. Version two features a wide array of upgrades and integrations with other platforms and protocols. Lets explore the most important ones. Please note all hyperlinks lead towards the StarSeeds Protocols section of the platform.

For our front end we are currently using the following platforms. Each of these platforms has their own audience and by being listed we accrue organic followers. A blockchain version of Medium. We are using this platform as a intermediary front end while the full V2 front-end is completed. A quest automation and marketing/engagement platform. The centre of our direct marketing engagement and reward campaigns. Another quest automation rewards platform with an emphasis on singular quests over building a quest series. By using both platforms we multiply our organic reach. A gateway system that protects our online community from bots and trolls. It allows us to set extremely specific criteria to obtain custom roles, which are necessary to access our chatrooms and internal information. The most financially rewarding crypto social media platform out there. Major recruiting and engagement portal that pays us, substantially, to use it. The best NFT launchpad we’ve found so far. Allows for a few extremely complex NFT functions to be integrated effortlessly. The number one platform for DAOs and DAO voting. Our snapshot group includes proposals from all of the DAOs that we have a stake in. Votes from our Snapshot can directly control funds held in StarSeeds DAO Multi-sig wallets.

Gitbook hosted on Github and deployed to IPFS, the Interplanetary File Server. Hosts our Protocol docs in an manner that makes international collaboration easy while also giving our docs an endless number of redundant copies stored across the world. has the technology allowing our NFTs to produce claimable token streams with the option to stake for different kinds of rewards on the same NFT. is a platform for developers to connect with Web3 projects. We are using it to issue technical bounties.

We also use old fashioned platforms like twitter, google docs, discord, and telegram.

Currently in the process of integrating Postmint, Tropee, Galxe, Noox, Questn, Intract, Thirdgate,, ThriveCoin, Push, Lens, Layer3,and other front-end user engagement platforms.

A beautiful chapter
A beautiful chapter

There are many more protocols and platforms that we use in the backend of our interconnected suite of financial systems. We will get more into those at a later time.

For now, lets explore the financial protocols that the StarSeeds Treasury has long-term, revenue generating, vote granting stakes in. Since the list is extensive, we will compile each protocol into categories.

Leverage Providers/Lending Markets: Qidao, Midas Capital, and 0vix. Our own isolated lending market on Midas Capital is coming soon.

Decentralized exchanges: Retro, Meshswap, Velodrome, Ramses, Sushiswap, Dystopia, Chronos, Pearl, FVM, Dovish, Beets, Spiritswap, Equalizer, Balancer, Velocimeter, Aerodrome, and ZKswap.

DEX Aggregators: Firebird, Openocean, and Plexus.

Cross-chain Bridges: Stargate, Symbiosis, RocketX.

Other Protocols: Tetu, Penrose, Sphere, Arken, Tangible, FireDAO, Dyson, Shrike, Beefy, Liquid Driver, Spacefi and Holdstation.

The StarSeeds DAO controlled portfolio of decentralized trading strategies relies upon our interest generating and emission directing stakes in the above platforms that we use alongside providing liquidity, using leverage, and stacking layers of protocol benefits upon each other.

For more detailed information regarding our exact treasury holdings, please become a StarSeeds Member via For the exact details of our network of portfolios and trading strategies, you’ll need to qualify for the trusted agent role.

Every aspect of the StarSeeds Protocol, including our Treasury, is controlled by a DAO, with every line of code deployed to immutable or fractal replicating infrastructure that cannot be destroyed or used outside of its intended purpose.

The intended purpose is to make as much money as possible. Most of which is distributed to our platform users. The rest is compounded to expand our portfolio and our ownership of other protocols.

Go time
Go time

The financial incentives for early adopters of the StarSeeds V2 protocol are exceptional. Beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. All forms of meaningful engagement are rewarded, not just buying into our ecosystem, rather there are a multitude of ways to engage, contribute, and have a great time while doing it.

Check out the pre-beta tutorial article if you’d like to get learn more or get involved.

With Honour
StarSeeds DAO Advocate
James Nexus

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