Community update: Q1 24’

Ground control to Major TomTake your protein pills and put your helmet on.

We want to share public updates within the Web3Privacy Now ecosystem & encourage everyone to help us scale privacy adoption: contribute on Git, participate in research, speak at events & exchange ideas in the community.

Engines on!


Privacy DB

Grants DB

Scoring model for privacy services

Privacy services scoring model: part 1

tnx: Haz x Brume, Steffen x dm3, Sebastian x HOPR, Aditya x Nighthawk apps, Kieran x Railgun & more


Major 24’ update: 200 jobs across the market

Ethereum Privacy Ecosystem research

  • [Kick-off]

  • MolochDAO small grant secured

tnx: Ameen Soleimani


  • minor bugs fixed

  • potential delivery funding negotiated with 1 community member

tnx: muf_CZ



New concept: Privacy Corner

  • Documentation

  • submitted to ETHBerlin4, upcoming on ETHRome & ETHBrno in October

New concept: Online Events

Individual event news

Refreshed identity prototyping by @KeenOfCoin
Refreshed identity prototyping by @KeenOfCoin

tnx: Alina, Robert, Michael

Jobs project

Prototype delivered (trial period for 5 weeks)

contribution: Adam

Week in Privacy News (newsletter)

The first newsletter went live

  • Paragraph newsletter setup

  • Newsletter 2, 3, 4, 5

Privacy Academy

The first concept by PG


Upcoming issues: Website updates Q1, feel free to contribute! v 1.2 has been published

The website went [live]



LunarDAO Twitter space participation

W3PN vision sketching

#personalprivacy micro-project has been launched

*contributions: Kieran x Railgun, Franck x Waku, cgi-bin x NTV *

#fullstackprivacy micro-project has been launched



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